Malaysia to promote the mainstreaming of Malaysian Chinese Literature Translat

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According to Malaysia, "Nanyang Siang Pau" report, Malaysia will promote innovation translated into the Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia as part of literature, the first novel translated Malaysian university students organized a national competition. Founding President Wuheng Can Malaysia, said translation, Chinese corporations and Chinese-based political parties have been calling the past few decades as a national government to Malaysian-Chinese part of the literature, therefore, the bridge will play the role of civil society and government, in August For the first Liaison with the National Language Authority once the National Competition Council, the Malaysian Malay translation of the novel, taking actions to implement long-cherished wish the Chinese community for many years. Cultivated for more translators He said that the activities organized by the cultivation of more young people to the three languages (Chinese witch English) translator. Wu Hengcan to the "Nanyang Siang Pau," said the opening up to the National State and private universities, including the New Era College, Southern College, and the translation of Han Chiang College students have game near the end, received over 200 works, is currently be reviewed in order to select 岀 20 Premium and excellent work. He said the Penang PolyU Lecturer Review Committee, headed by Dr. Wu Xiangxiong will be December 23 at the national languages of the Board and Chair at the awards ceremony, the point 岀 weaknesses and future participants should pay attention to. Wu Hengcan said that Malaysia will host the translation of the game creators, but also in recent years the focus of the work will be one of action sought by the Chinese community for many years to achieve the aspirations of Malaysian Chinese literature as early as possible to be included in Malaysian literature. Classical Malay Literature Translation He said the local Chinese groups, educational and cultural organizations as well as Chinese-based political parties for decades have been a member or representative of the annual General Assembly, through resolution urging the Government to the Malaysian-Chinese case into the national literature, as it considers to be is to act now to implement the time. He said the upgrade will be launched nationwide last year alone in the Malay and Chinese teachers and work camps, by the positive response from all over the independence of the future will continue, the Council also is working to promote the work of promoting cultural exchanges between Chinese witch. This will be more than in recent years to works of Chinese literature translated into Malay, introduced to the domestic Friends of the family; also put many of the local Malay literary works translated into Chinese version, sold to the Chinese market, were well received.

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