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The world translates congress 3 years every to be held, the plenary meeting of interpreter of the 18th world that held in Chinese Shanghai to 7 days on August 4 this year is international interpret bound mix in China first the grand meeting that the Asia holds, just concluded yesterday. Chinese net, people net, the media such as Netease and bright daily made seasonable report, especially the data on Chinese net is the most detailed, have video, have paper concentration segment, the picture, very marvellous really. Everybody can log onto Chinese net to know a detail: Http://www.china.com.cn/book/zhuanti/2008fy/node_7046396.htm

The interview of Dean Wu Jianmin sees a lot of times on TV before, be Chinese, but this his gist speech is to use English and French, ah, french is understood not, but the super club with his true English, no matter be content, pronunciation, especially of limbs language the speech that cooperating is Gao Shuiping really, specific look please: Http://www.china.com.cn/zhibo/2008-08/04/content_16122195.htm

Also had published about the paper of this congress additionally, it is CD version nevertheless, can pass mail-order of the following means:

Edition of CD of congress of interpreter of the 18th world " paper market " already published formally by foreign language press, collect congress to receive a paper many 600. Fix a price 58 yuan, avoid receive postage. Can pass Chinese interpret now assist secretariat mail-order.

1. Post office remittance

Gathering address: Beijing mounds outside 1 million village aves 24

Chamberlain: Secretariat of Chinese interpreter association

Postcode: 100037

2. Bank remit money

Door renown: Chinese interpreter association

Open an account row: 1 million villages of Beijing of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China subbranch of a bank

Account: 0200001409089010159

* asks the address that keeps you clear on postal money order bill, bank money order bill, zip code, make clear in P.S. place " CD paper market " model of written characters.

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