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Urumqi is online dispatch (reporter Li Jiashi reviews Shengmali reports) the 17th Wu Qia 2008 is met by regional exhibit meeting promotion for national level meeting, compare with photograph of in former years, the number that joins meeting foreign guest and form also produce change subsequently. Many foreign countries exhibit round arrival, will make small language translates a talent to become close all the more spruce, russian, English is translated in Wu Qia to be able to go up previously " unify the whole country " the situation is producing change sadly.

Meet official of organizing committee external affairs according to the 17th Wu Qia Introduction Zhang Lei, up to now, the foreign country that conference organizing committee invites current Wu Qia directly exhibits a group to have 7, the each country that attends a meeting at the appointed time is stationed in China ambassadorial, official and scattered travelling merchant predict to will have 600 people left and right sides, among them Dajikesitan is republic and state-owned 170 much people, turkey has 100 much people. Basis before experience, the foreign visitor that enters Wu Qia to meet and foreign trader will invite an interpreter in this locality commonly. Exhibit a group to receive Turkey this year, the organizing committee is preliminary also the Osmanli interpreter of relevant measure, but because the person of study Osmanli is opposite very few, confront the Turkey foreign visitor of 100 people above, osmanli interpreter personnel is faced with inevitably " breach " .

Occupy the introduction additionally, because the 17th Wu Qia can kick off comfortable meet Beijing Olympic Games ends before long, the foreign guest that predicts to still will a few already attend the Olympic Games can come Xinjiang attends current Wu Qia to meet, appear possibly still at the appointed time the interpreter demand of the much language such as Japanese, Han Yu, French. Zhang Lei says, concerned statistic makes clear, from the first black be in harmony can begin, russian interpreter can go up in Wu Qia hold dominant position, at present Russian interpreter can go up to still hold the proportion of 70% in Wu Qia, it is English is occupied next 20% , other language is occupied 10% .

As we have learned, the interpreter job that Wu Qia meets basically has service of hotel of negotiation of the literal translation, business affairs that follow a group, foreign guest to wait. 10 guesthouse that live centrally in foreign guest this year arranged two interpreters each, these 20 interpreters are the student that comes from institute of foreign language of Normal University of Xinjiang university, Xinjiang more, through be being contacted with foreign guest directly, can help them understand foreign culture and habits and customs well. External affairs of conference organizing committee did Wu Qia to offer many 50 foreign language to translate in all this year, created foreign service station, satisfy all sorts of requirement of the foreign trader at any time. Zhang Lei says, one of main characteristics that Wu Qia meets are foreign ginseng exhibits enthusiasm very tall, offer enough translation, let join exhibit, join the foreign trader of the meeting to be below situation of limited time, space, manpower, financial capacity, energy, collect arrives more comprehensive, more significant information, the cause that finds them is companionate.
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