Taiwan interpreter learns to come mansion communication visit

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Came on August 26, 2008 on September 1, university of the first science and technology applies director of institute of interpreter of Normal University of director of Taiwan interpreter institute Professor Su Zhenglong, Taiwan Dr. Li Genfang, Kaohsiung group of Chen Ruishan of English department and institute of buccal written translation's director 3 people, should Fujian Province interpret assist invite, undertake to and other places of Xiamen, Fuzhou academic communication is visited.

During Xiamen communication is visited, association of Xiamen city interpreter undertook considerate, meticulous the arrangement with enthusiasm. Standing vice-chairman Hong Chengzong heads institute of Xiamen city interpreter personally the team is received to dock, chairman of old love Beijing translates association on behalf of Xiamen city in Ma Ke Bei collect hotel holds greeting party, give gift. Both sides reached the consensus that will undertake more communication is visited henceforth.

During Xiamen, besides visitting sightseeing, visit group still attended on invitation " forum of prexy of foreign language of college of first Fujian Province and foreign language of Xiamen technical institute are annual meeting of the 2nd learning " , made splendid speech on forum. Professor Su Zhenglong made a problem be " the interpreter of new era: Idea and challenge " make a speech, introduced the importance that worker be apt to translates to use network tool below new era environment with vivid example; Of Dr. Li Genfang " the future that translates research and education and look into " introduced the exploration that Taiwan Normal University is translating education and research respect and achievement; Dr. Chen Ruishan " again the translates a viewpoint difference of explore Yan Fu and Taitele " the person that the research positive result that translating its academic side and ginseng are met undertook sharing. The arrival of 3 scholars and speech caused the institute of Fujian Province foreign language that attend the meeting the enthusiastic echo of each dean and technical institute teachers, had development communication after the meeting.

Visit round group to still answer institute of Xiamen university foreign language Dean Wu Jianping assistant invite visited Xiamen university, discuss communication cooperation.

The Fujian Province translated the association visit to Taiwan in October 2007, and the pay a return visit that this second Taiwan interpreter learns pair of Fujian Province, opened channel what 2 banks translate bound communication to cooperate is prelusive, have the sense of milepost type.

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