The 18th world translates congress to conclude in Shanghai

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On August 7 morning, the 18th world translates congress to accomplish each agenda satisfactorily, conclude in center of Shanghai international conference. South Africa interpret assist Malian Boersi is elected as secretary-general new chairman of couplet of an international interpret, huang Youyi of vice-chairman of association of interpreter of deputy director general of bureau of Chinese foreign language, China is elected as the first vice-chairman.

Organizing committee of congress of acknowledgment of Bi De of preside of discharge of international interpret couplet and Chinese interpreter association translate the fruitful work that congress is held smoothly and begins to assure current world.

On closure, international interpret couplet translated the home and two interpreters organization 5 times to issue to what make outstanding contribution to translate a career include international interpret couplet top prize " Ka Ye commemorates award " inside 7 honorary award. Austria translates a beautiful silk · to blocked musical instrument card to obtain Ka Ye to commemorate award, norwegian interpreter home not Na Lange and Maku Pakele of Finnish interpreter home obtained international interpret couplet " aurora borealis " crackajack literature translates award, tuoersitan Hefusitaide of Norwegian interpreter home is obtained Astrid Lingelun children, finnish interpreter home bright red Chinese Xi Weier of beautiful · of He Kaiya Ma obtains Ni Salamennaer Kaleier Qiapeike is numismatic. Award of 2 interpreters organization is mixed by German VDU net Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this interpreter institute the journal of an association is obtained, it is international interpret couplet respectively optimal website award and international interpret couplet are optimal periodical award. Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong international interpret meeting banner turns over couplet to issue a congress to sponsor a country the delegate of American interpreter association, a world translates congress general to was held in American san Francisco 2011.

Bi De of chairman of international interpret couplet expresses in the speech, international interpret couplet holds plenary meeting in the Asia first, it is main turning point when reveal interpreter trade figure and academic elegant demeanour to the world. International translates a bound to choose to hold this one grand meeting in Shanghai, show China is not only on history of international interpret couplet, alive also bound had the effect that hold the balance in the development of interpreter career. He hopes Chinese person of the same trade continues to translate the effect with the bigger play in general affairs in international.

The world translates congress 3 years every to be held, this second attend the meeting still have come from committee of Educational of U.N. , U.N. , European Union to wait for 30 many international the delegate that organization and international translate bound authority orgnaization. As we have learned, the respect such as the country that current mass rally involves in paper amount, number attending the meeting and place and area amount all exceeded toward. The bound of nearly 1500 interpreters that comes from 74 countries and area is represented around " interpreter and multivariate culture " this one theme undertook a harangue, this is the grand meeting that international interpret couplet is in China and even Asian area to hold international to translate a bound first since holding water 1953. The speech was published in nearly 90 portion forum that delegate of many 400 China and foreign countries holds in congress, the topic for discussion involves the many fields such as interpreter and culture, education, economy, diplomacy, industry government, modern science and technology.
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