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On August 15, 2008, the Chinese Communist is outstanding Party member, our country senior diplomacy translates the home, china translates institute reputation director, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs retires cadre Comrade Qiu Kean due to illness cure is invalid, die in Beijing, die at the age of is 88 years old.

Comrade Qiu Kean is faithful always the career of the party and diplomacy work, cautious and conscientious, be tireless in teaching, on the up-and-up, style is decent. During the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and job of the diplomatic mission outside be stationed in, implement the foreign policy of party and country seriously, pay attention to investigation and study, hold to be practical and realistic, develop diplomatic activity actively. Party and the country such as Ceng Can and Mao Zedong anthology are important document and final version of English of important diplomacy file work. He learns Chinese and Western of be linked together, interpreter attainment is very deep, place experience territory is quite much, in the thing square language culture and Shakespeare consider to recommend wait for respect pen not to stop n cultivated land, write ceaseless, with major of carve of essence of life, after supporting, learn, training qualified personnel is the greatest pleasure. After retiring, comrade Qiu Kean still cares reforming and opening and educational enterprise very, include what book house publishs to hold the position of business affairs to imprint " Shakespeare annotate a series of books " chief editor and editorial, finish 41 annotate in all this.

Comrade Qiu Kean has successively held the posts of Chinese interpret assist the first, 3, director of 4 National Council, director of reputation of the 5th National Council. Was awarded senior interpreter home by Chinese interpreter association in January 2001 honorary title.

Remains of Comrade Qiu Kean leaves the ceremony is held at be in Beijing on August 19, 2008 morning, chinese interpret assist displayed wreath to Qiu Laojing.
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