BOCOG publishs interpreter manual fill Olympic Games history is blank

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Olympic Games of fill of manual of BOCOG publication interpreter history blank
Recently, the reporter is in Beijing the Olympic Games advocate news center (in the booth of books and newspaper of MPC) , the Chinese and English term that discovery never has seen before this originally translates manual -- , " Chinese-English Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games, incomplete manual of abstruse meeting commonly used term " . The manual both neither of this blue resembles common dictionary, also unlike is common working manual, collected nearly 5000 vocabulary entry originally however, insert the Olympic Games with reasonable science of many color picture, classify special nomenclator. This manual pressworks for 16 4 lubricious art paper, size moderate, quality of a material is superior, fix a price 40 yuan of RMBs. "I dare assure, this manual when the Olympic Games is surpassed will be very popular, reporter, staff member, audience can need it. " the volunteer that works in the press booth is very affirmative the ground says to the reporter.

Manual collects vocabulary entry close 5000

Is this manual so magical really? The reporter translates manual, the vocabulary entry of discovery is whole book near 5000, component is major: The first part is with Olympic Olympic of motion, disabled moves and with Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games, incomplete the term closely related abstruse meeting; The 2nd part collected Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting is common match diction; The 3rd part is a few important data sex chart. Still inserted in the book detailed Chinese and English contrast edition Beijing map, this has the place of Olympic Games match that is in Beijing somewhat already on portion map, also have the 10 5 lines, lines track line that just debut or is about to open. Of manual finally, it is Chinese and English glossary index.

Professional photography deserves to pursue for manual

With normally interpreter manual is different, the characteristic with this the biggest book collected many picture namely, cursory consideration has the journalist probably many pieces 100. Picture content basically is the Olympic Games all sorts of icon, spot picture that has explanatory sex effect to relevant vocabulary and include Beijing inside and outside all the elegant photograph of place of 37 Olympic Gameses. The reporter sees in books specification, always spot setting photograph, the majority is filmed by professional press photographer. And all sorts of icon are very all ready also, basic include the square field surface of the Olympic Games.

On Olympic Games history first interpreter manual

Publication content is so rich translate manual professionally again, absolutely common publication orgnaization can be not accomplished. The reporter checks the discovery after searching carefully, so the publication unit of this manual is BOCOG, and had been the second edition.
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