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Award of couplet of 2008 international interpret personnel of bear the palm 5 individual award it is respectively:

Does Austria translate a beautiful silk? Kaqinka (Liese Katschinka) obtain Ka Ye to commemorate award (Pierre-Fran? Memorial Medal) of Ois Caill é ;

Does Norway translate a Mo Na? Lange (Mona Lange) obtain international interpret couplet " aurora borealis " crackajack literature translates award (The FIT " Aurora Borealis " Prize For Outstanding Translation Of Fiction Literature) ;

Does Finland translate domestic horse library? Pakele (Markku Pakkila) obtains international interpret couplet " aurora borealis " crackajack blame literature translates award (The FIT " Aurora Borealis " Prize For Outstanding Translation Of Non-Fiction Literature) ;

Does Norway translate a Tuoersitan? Does Torstein Bugge Hoverstad) of He Fu Si Taide obtain Astrid? Literature of Lin Gelun children translates award (Astrid Lindgren Prize) ;

Does Finland translate a Zhu Hanni? Salamennaer (Juhani Salamonnel) He Kaiya Marie? Xi Weier (Kaijamari Sivill) obtain Kaleier? Qiapeike is numismatic (Karel Capek Medal) .

Award of 2 interpreters organization is respectively:

German VDU net obtains international interpret couplet optimal website award (FIT Prize For Best Website);

Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this couplet of interpret of international of interpreter institute the journal of an association is optimal periodical award (FIT Prize For Best Periodical) .

Bi De of preside of discharge of international interpret couplet, new be elected as Malian of chairman of international interpret couplet? Bo Ersi (Marion Boers) , bureau of foreign language of executive director of organizing committee of congress of interpreter of the 18th world, China is standing Ming Wei of week of deputy director general, chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong, chinese interpret assist Huang Youyi of the first vice-chairman reachs couplet of interpret of vice-chairman, international new 17 director attended the international interpret couplet that be elected the closure this morning.

Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong international interpret meeting banner turns over couplet to issue a congress to sponsor a country the delegate of American interpreter association.

The respect such as the country that current mass rally involves in paper amount, number attending the meeting and place and area amount all exceeded toward. In by a definite date among conference of 6 days, each country delegate undertook editing to constitution of international interpret couplet, the election arose new couplet of an international interpret leads an orgnaization, decided a congress sponsors a country. The delegate of bound of nearly 1500 interpreters that comes from 74 countries and area is returned around " interpreter and multivariate culture " this one theme undertook a harangue, nearly 90 fraction that delegate of many 400 China and foreign countries holds in congress published a speech in forum, the topic for discussion involves the many fields such as interpreter and culture, education, economy, diplomacy, industry government, modern science and technology, abounded the academic eye shot of delegate attending the meeting already, promotional each other understanding and friendship, translate the communication between the bound and collaboration to strengthening international, promote the development that translates a career, stimulative world is multivariate of culture hand in collect confluence to will produce far-reaching effect. (old square)
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