Microsoft focus on appearance of 22 simultaneous phone technology are available

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Side of the spoke English, the other side of the screen immediately showed a German translation of the text; computer screen is no longer flat, the mouse seems to travel in space, as in the three-dimensional computer screen, click on ... ... the forefront of the completion of information technology, may become a reality in the near future. 19, "Microsoft Research Asia Innovation Day" at Microsoft (China) held in Shanghai Science and Technology Park, from Microsoft Research's 22 major global focus on future technologies appeared, many technologies are still in development stage. This reporter has learned, it sets precise simultaneous calls can be very precise not only speak English and translated into German, but also has to "learn" feature. It can continue to understand the user's dialect tone, language, habits, structure, terms, and continue to improve the accuracy of their translation. However, this device does not yet have the market to really apply to meetings, lectures among occasions, still need time. Meanwhile, cloud computing is another focus of the scene. Through cloud computing, the user whenever and wherever they have access to personal data stored in the cloud. Cloud computing needs to rely on new ways of interaction, cloud the mouse is to provide such a technique, it can be three-dimensional computer screen, a full range of search, browse, manipulate the data. In addition to these techniques, participants will see a variety of innovative technology. There can be around any surface into a three-dimensional computer interface of the mobile 3-D interactive games; with Microsoft's latest gaming experience Kinect the user identification system; there microblogging semantic search, will be Dictionary (English Library), image search, academic search, and travel guides, and other technology-based search engine applications. Microsoft Research Asia is Microsoft's set in the Asia-Pacific research institutions, is Microsoft's largest outside the United States one. So far a number of Microsoft Research Asia has more than 300 of successful technology transfer to Microsoft's core product itself.

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