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United States of the beginning of the year assaults this year Iraq, pass dragoman to sit to the studio together in what the behind the curtain works all the time, let more person know to be passed together, the interpreter that envies them can undertake with synchronism of the person that make a speech, and their good-paying makes a person enchanted more. Show according to the data: At present the pay of simultaneous interpretation is commonly everyday 4000 yuan of RMBs, this is his average earning, if do not need aide and task of the independent interpreter that finish, highest can achieve everyday 10 thousand yuan of above. In addition, transportation of the board and lodging of the member that the client will pay simultaneous interpretation, airline ticket, ground and other all concerned charge. Although dragoman is impossible all the year round is daily the conference is waiting for them to go interpret, but annual weekday of 100 days or should some, such calculating come down, income also is very considerable. According to reporter understanding, be regarded as " gold gets gens " simultaneous interpretation is current very in short supply, the demand of the simultaneous interpretation inside 5 years is in Beijing about 1000 people left and right sides, and the talent that had sufferred major to groom truly at present and can be competent completely does not exceed 10 people, one in hundred of true it may be said.

The game of brave

Because do not understand this industry, a lot of people think to be passed together is only in talk glibly. To this, breathe out greatly as Miss Chen that passes dragoman together injustice. She says: Where to just move touch the mouth so simple! For a few hours this when attend a meeting, even a few minutes, I shift to an earlier date several days early " business class " : The person that stare at firm conference to sponsor begs setting data, clutch be familiar with the terminology that joins a group with the conference; For this, want to write down at least 200 rare terminologies everyday. Write down, to plan marine fishery plenary meeting, I write down a variety of 300 fish clearly; To intend diabetic workshop, I wrote down all disease views and famous manufacturer. "Do a day to be passed together really very tired, sex of process pole rich challenge, but if be done well,be very glad, very successful feeling " .

Be being passed together is not " green meal "

Somebody thinks to be passed together even if be translated, want foreign language level to go high only. To this, the expert says: This character is wrong! Pass together belong to oral interpretation, it is the highest state of oral interpretation. It is different from government affairs and business affairs interpreter, hind both requirement is faithful and textual, and convey pair of integrated ability together the demand is very high.

The memorial capacity with simultaneous interpretation breathtaking need, the thinking like lightning, fast reaction ability and abundant physical strength, from this the career that a lot of people think this is to belong to a youth, be " green meal " , actually otherwise. Pass together need afore-mentioned capability not only, need battle-scarred more, more battle heals can experience is accumulated. Of psychological quality rise, the comfortable stress of the buildup of ability, spot harden oneself that needs time. According to connoisseur introduction, current, on international " pass big wrist together " basically be in 40 years old of above; And, pass together do not accept age restriction, some U.N. are emeritus dragoman, 779 years old, still outstanding.
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