University of Beijing language culture a few days ago head do class of Master of

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Beijing of China News Service on September 4 report (Sun Yu is held out) the classroom of simultaneous interpretation of Beijing language university that donates 6 facilities for simultaneous interpretation to build by Cheng of laborer of Japanese government interest is formal today completion uncovers a shop sign. Qu Delin of president of Beijing language university expresses, the completion of simultaneous interpretation classroom indicates graduate student education enters a Chinese Japanese major a new level.

It is reported, classroom of this one simultaneous interpretation will be used at home graduate student of direction of simultaneous interpretation of the first Japanese the education of the class. On this month 20 days term begins this graduate student class in all recruit students 24, will devote oneself to to foster Han Rishuang language to connect He Shuangwen to change the high quality oral interpretation that connect to carry out a talent.

Japan is stationed in China Gao Qiaobang's husband shows minister, during hoping to conclude in meridian peace treaty of friendship 25 years, through supporting system of simultaneous interpretation of Beijing language university, foster the advanced and meridian interpreter of perfectness and professional domain, strengthen meridian the connection between.

China converts communication guild to foreign language Liu De has standing vice-chairman, Xu Yiping of director of Beijing Japanology research center attended this inauguration ceremony.

Cheng of laborer of Japanese government interest supports less-developed country and enterprise of area development education technically to wait, establish 0 1999 years.

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