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This is a fresh and bold good idea: Open the translation firm of fictitious " of a " .

Lan company costs hundred thousands of yuan of RMB to asked a software firm to develop a completely custom-built software system according to its demand, on Internet expression is.net for coda (to employee) with.com (to the client) two entrances website. They ask the client offers electronic text version, if the client has paper only, lan has technical person to do electronic chemical industry to make, it is certain to want additional collection nevertheless charge. After receiving sheet from the net, lan company allocates the job an agreement is signed before Lan company is translated in the first project to begin below meeting and banner. Every network that has an individual for the interpreter that its work lands a password. Every job has detailed requirement and finished time limit when allocate. The resource of professional translation software that the interpreter uses Lan firm through the network, harmonious, send finished work. The process that Lan company translates in the monitoring on the network and quality. The whole journey monitoring that the client also can pass the website of Lan company to carry out 7 × 24 hours to translating a project and trends management, with online service personnel undertakes real time communicating, receive a network to convey finally the interpreter that come over stalks of grain. After a project is finished, the conference on the computer of Lan company financial staff appears await the news that do, they will finish final income and expenses to work.

Lan company is in Beijing practice before long hind had a few big business clients, accomplish a month nearly 1 million yuan portfolio; The dimensions that home translates a company commonly namely a month tens of thousands of yuan income. The originality of Lan is " to make " greatly in the industry, drew numerous talented person temporarily. The word that uses Miss J that ever held a post in this company says: "The top talent in this profession actually so much also, everybody knows. "30 Mr L gentlemen that come forward are the interpreter that there is name quite inside travel, lay particular stress on translates a respect at law. He also is early in the morning is attracted by Lan place. For free to translating this to plant professional personage, "Fictitious the working way that changing " is special ideal really. No matter be in world where, move think 1000 words of " changeover " , 349 yuan can in one's hand; Professional strong, the project recompense of small language should turn over times even. With Japanese the interpreter is exemple, lan company has many 70, among them Japanese is mother tongue have more than 10, its dimensions it may be said is not had temporarily two.

Miss J itself also is regular professional training learns English one's previous experience, it is the full-time personnel of Lan company, the interpreter that is in charge of coordinating a group works. Interpreters are pressed to differ the domain divides the work, organic instrument, law, IT, sports, integrated set. "2, youth of 30 years old, need how to explain far from, be familiar with way of this kind of work very quickly commonly. "She ever also encountered old interpreter, old gentleman is somewhere the old professor of the university, network tool often is used bad. Can be the working force that the company stabilizes to have. Also have a bit compromise, recruit a few toward 9 evening the full-time of 5 is translated.
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