Wu Long is translated " the fault goes out into the fault "

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Because many 10500 athlete that comes from 202 countries and area takes part in the match, and the language that they use is multifarious, accurate without by accident the interpreter after contest, became the tired work that takes pain to not to please again. Current Olympic Games does not kick off a week, appear to translate the case that is widely divergent with former word not less, your reporter and athlete were immersed in the bewilderment that does not know to translate a cloud in.

Yao Ming's interpreter is true " awful "

On system of congress government information, already appeared to regard male athlete as by accident the sportswoman's jest, and in Chinese male basket head battle Spain after the team defeats, yao Ming is said to want to exit national group by interpreter quote, this caused the great dissatisfaction of Chinese delegacy. Li Yuanwei of the leader of a sports team of Chinese male basket denies Yao Ming strongly to had said he wants to exit national group this kind of word.

Yecunzhonghong of player of Japanese man judo carries off after champion of 66 kilograms of class, the interpreter is in quote says when word of Yecunzhonghong: "This may be I attend the Olympic Games for the last time, I am so proud for this gold. " and in fact, what Yecunzhonghong says at that time is: "I am dreaming all the time Olympic Games gold, I won't care about last match that whether this is me. I won't care about last match that whether this is me..

Player mother rise again

And Jin Dongjin of Korea football athlete is in last week with Greek group an is full of affection speech after the match, be translated again screwy. One ball is scored to help Korea group in the match after the Jin Dongjin of 2 Greeker than 2 stalemate groups is surpassed, burst into tears, "My mom leaves Korea to come in me Greek before contract cancer because of the body and die, when she is dying, I say to her I can be her to advance a ball certainly. I say to her I can be her to advance a ball certainly..

But the report after a lot of contest is another thing completely, according to the foreword of system of information of sports meet government, jin Dongjin's mother is restoring in, foreword became: "My mother is a cancer patient, I give this goal she. I give this goal she..
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