Bush addresses in Washington announce to enter into an election contest triumph

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Time of American the eastpart part on November 3 afternoon at 3 o'clock (Beijing time on November 4 before dawn at 4 o'clock) , american president Bush carries madam Laura to was in li of root center of Washington to publish a speech, announce to obtain enter into an election contest be reappointed consecutively wins. It is oratorical full text below:

This the voting rate of constituency achieved the history new tall, brought historic victory. Some earlier today moment, the senator in the gram calls congratulate me to enter into an election contest successful. We talk quite well in the phone, he is very kind. Senator initiated Kerry to enter into an election contest violently offensive, he and his proponent can feel proud for this. Fatigue is pulled and I express to Kerry, Teresa and their family the most cordial wish.

The United States made a choice. To the accredit of brethrens, I very appreciate. This kind of accredit means my general to assume the obligation that serves for citizen of all United States. As your president, I will go all lengths everyday.

I need to thank a lot of people, it is my family above all. Laura is the true love of my lifetime, I also love her to feel glad to you. I am thanked even entering into an election contest later period is joined enter into an election contest round daughter, appreciate the effort that brotherly sisters give, appreciate the support of severe father loving mother particularly.

My acknowledgment vice president, (his madam) Lai Buddhist nun and their daughter. They were paid hard, it is to enter into an election contest round important member. Vice president is just and clever and sagacious, noble, I feel proud to follow him to work together.

My acknowledgment enters into an election contest outstandingly round, appreciate the effort that your everybody gives. Your assiduous He Zhihui left deep impression to me everyday.

I thank the whole nation to fluctuate by tens of thousands renown proponent, the hug that thanks you to be able to go up in contest anthology, pray and kind utterance, thank your try every means to play a motto, appeal to poll before neighbour.

Because you gave breathtaking effort, we just can celebrate a victory today.

Common saying says, do not want the job that invocatory ability can be competent, should petition can be competent the ability of the task. In 4 years of historic period, the United States was gifted great task, face these tasks with actual strength and courage. Our country people makes economic vigor anabiosises, show determination and patience in new-style war. My army already enemy try sb, brought honor to the United States. Our country guarded him, maintained the freedom of complete mankind. Lead so outstanding nation, I feel proud; Guide this country advancement, I feel proud.

We had accomplished difficult task, entered the period that is full of a hope. We will continue to promote economic growth, reform backward tax law, enhance social security to leave generation. We will improve public school as far as possible, maintain the core viewpoint of value in family and devotional respect.
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