Fulfil of simultaneous interpretation firewood uncovers secret

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Day firewood 5000 yuan, the conference table that is in Beijing in the morning, attend the seminar of Guangzhou afternoon, the conference does the international that holds to Guangzhou in the evening to be passed together... " tired, be too tired really these days. " good squeeze a time not easily to accepted the Wang Shengbin that interview to meet to complain. Received several meetings these days, the Wu Yougang below that day just gave class of an oral interpretation to finish a lesson, the exhaustion of one face. And still a meeting will want tomorrow " do " (it is them inside course of study so called " do meeting " ) .

"Such job " it is the last few years be noticed, so-called " gold is gotten " simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation also makes simultaneous interpretation, abbreviation " pass together " , it is to meet what Wu can exhibit economy derive article. The working hours that passes dragoman one day together does not exceed 8 hours normally, pay is in commonly everyday 4000 to 6000 yuan between, this and the brand that pass dragoman together and public praise have very big concern, the standards of the conference is high, the pay that expresses dragoman half hours to take to thousands of yuan together also is very regular job. Not long ago, when war situation of Iraq of CCTV direct seeding, simultaneous interpretation became one big distinguishing feature, of English, Arabic pass dragoman together, those who ask is the big wrist of domestic industry, CCTV also is this spend money many silver.

Beat any occupational entrance door, become more proficient in one's profession is not an easy thing, pass together especially such. Usually, should train through strict simultaneous interpretation major. Common spoken language or interpreter train, tell only how to mix interpret of person communication, English-Chinese each other, pass training to pay attention to special conference interpreter and edge to listen to an edge to say together.

Had professional training and differred to go at entering, still must establish connection with the organizer of international conference, only what your ability gets them is approbate, they just may put a person's mind can give you. How much does Wang Shengbin say to he joins this profession some are accidental, when was being learned toward England by unit group 2000, very accidentally was become for a conference bout simultaneous interpretation, be sent actually from now on and cannot close. Actually that feel and not up to much, because be to be done for the first time, particularly nervous, the information that desertion is very much. But because he has very good spoken language base before this, have again more comprehensive accumulate -- , if pressing him, say, the university uses reserve knowledge 4 years completely: 1996, be anxious about of history of university of his centrally nation is big temporarily, colloquial advance rapidly falls in the help of friend of a few England, big 2 big 3 informal ground take the place of in outside school colloquial class, big the four seasons although it doesn't matter " v/arc a person's status " , in fact he has been in big one big the student of 2 takes spoken language -- , so overall it is OK that the sense that gives others still calculates. Wang Shengbin says, because China lacks authoritative simultaneous interpretation qualification to evaluate a system at present, the market became the only standard that examines to pass dragoman level together, the actor bad of the stand or fall of public praise and brand is deciding a vendibility that passes dragoman together.
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