Simultaneous interpretation threshold is too high " gold is gotten " the person

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Report from our correspondent works one hour, income can get on 1000 yuan " gold is gotten " profession -- simultaneous interpretation already more and more be paid close attention to by the society, but because be the same as those who conduct a trade to enter a doorsill too tall, a lot of people are unable to do what one wants very much to do, shanghai head home opens the university of Shanghai foreign language that passes major together of advanced interpreter institute enter oneself for an examination the number is compared far under anticipate.

Reporter from outside going up, advanced interpreter institute understands, today is an institute new open " conference oral interpretation (pass together) " the last day that major enters oneself for an examination, but sign up total number only 60 people left and right sides, of as other as each college major one's deceased father grind heat formed bright contrast. In the person that enter oneself for an examination, still be in the majority with the person of setting of foreign language major, the profession is worker of English teacher, interpreter more, the age is controlled 28 years old in 24 ~ , only a few medicine, management learns graduate of professional this year's undergraduate course.

Professor of bright an ancient type of spoon tells bavin of advanced interpreter prexy the reporter: "It is this to pass major to be in Shanghai together first recruit students, be affected again by SARS, number signing up is far did not reach desired value. Mainer reason is, the threshold that passes together is high, a few people flinch, because this enters oneself for an examination with what pass major,the number is turned over not as good as other major. "   is additional, still a few people do not understand conduct a trade together, often see only pass dragoman to make money together much, but the interpreter that does not understand its to want sue for peace high to become a qualification should pass how many difficult harden oneself, when because of notting agree with the condition is signing up, these people are washed out.

Bavin dean is special still point out, be the same as the entrance door that pass and open wide to graduate of foreign language major not merely, its recruit students already obtained bachelor's degree to seeming (or coequal educational level) , perfectness English-Chinese the personage of two kinds of languages, without professional limitation. The knowledge that passes personnel to need all-around, much course together serves as reserve, the candidate for an entrance examination that welcomes other major likewise so enters oneself for an examination. Outside going up, will be by August and the written examination that passes major together and oral are held respectively at the beginning of September, ability of the person that pass written examination only enters oral phase. Oral general with 2 ~ alternant oral interpretation of 3 minutes is mixed inspect interpret to give priority to, difficulty is far the requirement that exceeds exam of advanced oral interpretation. The institute will complete work of all recruit students by September, term begins at the beginning of October.
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