Testimony of U.S. Army interpreter captures Saddam: My Yao of grey of 〔 of Li

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Associated press reported Samier talks about his testimony to capture 25 days Saddam's what is actually happening:

Return the Iraq that he once escaped, along dim burrow oversee, who is the person that Samier sees not clear Tibet be over there. Regard deploy as the interpreter of the U.S. Army that in the Litena that carry a gram the ministry is in a few miles, this beautiful Ji Yi pulls gram person to cry to the man of that shrink into oneself, or surrenders or is dead. When just when soldiers prepare,tossing grenade to the middle of that hole, that person in the hole extends the hand slowly come up surrendered.  

When he helps pull that individual, samier sucked buccal air conditioning: That is Saddam Housaiyin.

According to Samier's view, he hit this by the ruler of depose a few fists, kicked him a few feet, still condemned a few bad language.

The Samier that lives in Missouri st. louis now says: "I should say originally ' you did so much bad thing to us, still do not agree to let off Iraq ' " .  

What because fear to suffer Sa,amount to Mu is faithful person or the armed that turn over the United States makes reprisals, he asks not to use his surname. Samierzhen inspects that one day to resemble cherishing that string of bead that he gives Bush's president last month is same.  

It is Samier of 34 years old to abandoned 3 4 elder brothers, elder sisters and parents 1991, escape Iraq, head for a Saudi Arabia. In set foot on American land, "The dream comes true " before he lived more than 3 years in camp of a refugee.  

He does not know English, eletroplate in a boiler this language just learned during company and steam repair inn to work. He noticed U.S. Army recruit accredits the message of abroad civilian interpreter in March 2003. No less than what he hopes in that way, he was in the autumn last year before United States of return of termination of contract, be gone to by the clique eventually Iraq. Samier renews the contract quickly subsequently, he says: "I want to help all the time. " Saddam is familial the information that a member provides, caused December that raid, sa Mi Erhe made an appointment with 600 soldiers to ransack a contains enclosure compound that Sa amounts to a grange near Mu home town to go up. Before the broken house that becomes in build by laying bricks or stones of brick of a mud, arms of taxi of division of the 4th infantry lifts the U.S. Army the carpet on the ground, sweep off dust, show panel of bubble of a polystyrene. There are a 2 straightforward tunnels and a ventiduct below.  
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