The most popular 6 countries: 2Study abroad 8 years introductory information che

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The most popular 6 countries: 2Study abroad 8 years introductory information check

British characteristic

Whether do you hope to develop the child's individual character particularly? Paying attention to individual character is EnglandEducationcharacteristic, its school discovers with fostering the student's self-confidence, ego ability and strong curious desire are a target.

Eductional systme and application

A right choice is send England private high school the child. Before England privatelies run the graduate accessibility England of 50% ranks the middle school 20 school. 16 years old before, your child can file 10 year or 11 grade; 16 years old of above, a-levels of OK and immediate application -- for the child that enters British name school to the hope, this is optimal way.


Private high school is annual charge is about 250 thousand - 350 thousand RMB. Tuition of public high school wants many low.


Artistic design of England, commerce, project and legal education are very outstanding, can land England to teach official website Www.educationuk.cn to understand.

American characteristic

Go to the United States studying abroadUndergraduate course is a right choice. American university is advocated " free education " . The target is education student expression and the ability that analyse a problem, student needLearnThe course inside the domain such as science of artistic, history, philosophy, humanitarian, society, science.

Eductional systme and application

American undergraduate course is make 4 years, it is fundamental education before two years, hind two years of deflection at professional respect course. And professional cent division of the United States is meticulous and all ready, have enough much major chooses for the student.
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