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Till May 1, 2003, the international student that is in Japan has 109 in all, 508 people, among them number of Chinese student studying abroad 70, 814 people, 64.7% what hold sum total. Occupy statistic of Japanese management board additionally, approve Japan newly 2003 in leave a qualification to be " study abroad " and " go to school " (language study) number of Chinese student studying abroad is respectively 11, 640 people and 19, 337 people. Occupy respectively " study abroad " of total number 45.7% and " go to school " 70.7% of total number.

Chief of department of Japanese consulate news Miss Ainoue says, current, be in China the Japanese enterprise of investment is increasing, know Japanese so, know the professional, China student studying abroad that is familiar with Chinese circumstance again, the obtain employment prospect that is in Japan should be good, go back to the motherland the space of development is very large also.

Introduce according to Miss Ainoue, live in Japan, had better want to understand the content of the following respects:

1, tuitional: In the fee that pays courtyard of university, university, short-term university, schools to wait in capture, include cost of tuitional, enter a school, establishment, facility cost to wait a moment. The cost that needs the first year to hand in commonly is higher, according to school property (national, public or private) , course differs professionally, average in 80 ~ 1.5 million yen is controlled. Begin from the 2nd year, as a result of need not cost of pay enter a school, so pay cost amount decreases about 30% .

2, living cost: The life place that Japan is the minority on the world wants the state with higher cost. What the student studying abroad needs living cost on average to be in commonly above of 70 thousand yen.

3, dormitory: Dormitory of student studying abroad has the student small house of commune of country, place and university management, but because contain a number very few, can live so the student studying abroad that go in is not much also, the student studying abroad of about 73% lives in civilian dormitory. Be in Japan, it is very good that residential situation cannot say, inside the capital group that is a center with Tokyo especially, the living quarter that seeks petty gain special not easy.

4, after school holds two or more posts concurrently: The student studying abroad wants after school part-time job, can be after the permission that receives the school, enter a country to closest place again the license of the activity outside qualified of management board application, undertake below the following condition:

Not cloggy and original study abroad activity; The tuitional etc that studies abroad with allowance is needed to charge is a purpose and undertake; Do not be engaged in rotting the job of custom; Workplace is absent the trade that involves pornography.

5, medical treatment is safe: Japanese law sets, settle beforehand in Japan the foreigner that keeps above 1 year, want to join national health to be sure. Insurance amount because of the area different, the insurance premium of the international student that confiscates can get reducing the specified number normally.
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