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British school does not have uniform standard to evaluating the record of formal schooling that obtains in China. The record of formal schooling of individual applicant decides nucleus of school joint hearing to whether be admitted next. Because of this student must very fill in clearly about the material that reads the school and record of formal schooling before.

Undergraduate course course

Up-to-date, student of very few China assiduously studies undergraduate course course in England, and the qualification of enter a school that British school also makes clear without the formulate of record of formal schooling with respect to Chinese student. The matriculation of Chinese university is not obtained certainly admit as the seniority of enter a school that builds chrestomathy division course in England, the student may need to be repaired first in England read the preliminary course that comes two years. If the student already was in China the school that a few have certain dimensions builds chrestomathy division course, the likelihood obtains bachelor's degree in China and the hope also obtains bachelor's degree in England, the likelihood is in England school simply the 2 grade from undergraduate course course or 3 grade begin to repair read.

Graduate student course one tuitional class

If the student already built undergraduate course course in China, the likelihood can press its major course to repair in England read tuitional form master's degree and academy diploma course. Generally speaking, if the student already built master's degree course in China, can consider to read the master's degree course of British school. Already know exactly about sth year the college courses that the applicant even if of working experience repairs in China only, general Yi Ke is accepted to be in England to enter read the master's degree that with its working special skill or knowledge concerns and academy diploma course.

Graduate student course, study a class

It is general and OK that the learned man that makes master's degree or coequal qualifications and record of service and the public figure that have other special skill or knowledge are compiled in China undertake study the work in England. The public figure that has 3 years to make master's degree can enter oneself for an examination directly doctor's degree course of England. If the student did not build course of degree of Bi Shuo person in China and the doctoral course that hopes to assiduously study England, the likelihood needs advanced Xiu Zhe to learn Master course. If the student already obtained a doctor's degree in China, can be admitted to be in England to make the work studies after rich commonly.

Major trains

Application accepts the professional training that is not academic course to England, serve as a standard with the qualifications and record of service of individual applicant commonly. If school just think the applicant is capable to repair finish course, no matter their normal record of formal schooling how, their application is admitted probably.
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