Do you still go does south Africa study abroad?

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Relevant personage says south Africa is strengthening domestic college to superintend strength gradually, will open further study abroad the market

Last week, ministry of Education was released the 6th studied abroad 2004 early-warning, the MBA that announced council of quality of south Africa higher education teachs appraisal result, the Chinese student that reminds south Africa to read MBA does not choose 10 MBA projects that evaluate unqualified school. This is afterwards after last year December, ministry of Education studies abroad the 2nd times when give out in the light of south Africa early-warning. But the expert inside course of study thinks, study abroad twice this early-warning place divulges the information that come out is to essence is distinguished, chinese student should be rational treat.

South Africa improves higher education quality

China studies abroad collaboration of service center international grows Ma Yue to think everywhere, the first time early-warning December is main last year it is to reflect a China and south Africa to be in begin education among cooperative process immature, report gives south Africa to teach a bound to lack enough understanding to China, study abroad to China the aptitude of intermediary orgnaization did not undertake strict checkup, choose a fault partner, right whole study abroad south Africa has certain negative effect. But this early-warning that just releases follows first time early-warning have substaintial distinction, it reflects a south Africa to be opposite of domestic higher education take seriously, superintending in what improve pair of higher education quality ceaselessly, it is a kind of expression that bear the blame, this to the student studying abroad early-warning should be a good news.

In the meantime, study abroad the expert also reminds a student, study abroad this the MBA project that what early-warning place announces is 10 schools only, is not whole school, so students do not deny completely because of MBA project these schools.

Unlock further study abroad the market

In what just end Beijing taught exposition to go up 2004, south Africa is stationed in China Juan of MAT of embassy visa official Ms. SHEPOETSOKU discloses, south Africa published relevant code already formally, allow a student studying abroad dozen of work time of hour of weekly know exactly about sth. According to studying abroad expert introduction, south Africa because domestic unemployment rate all the time taller, so long-term since do not allow international student to work, the student with limitted partial economy condition relatively difficult on certain level so arrives south Africa attend school. This south Africa is opened formally work the market, reflected south Africa mature the actual condition of the country such as China, the hope borrows these act to enlarge home to study abroad further the desire of the market.

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MBA project did not adopt 10 assessment schools

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