Singapore: Be certain belt " high grade label " the school

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China is stationed in department of new embassy education to remind a student studying abroad, application Singapore private school wants discretion, because Singapore government is opposite,the diploma both neither that place of private education orgnaization issues makes known his position to admit, ambiguous also do not admit, approbate by the market, because this student should be first when choosing private school,attestation of qualification of department of education of diplomatic mission of choice classics our country is mixed obtain Singapore government " quality class qualification " the school, this is authentic school " high grade label " .

According to the regulation of Singapore government, application is had " quality class qualification " after the Chinese student of the school can be admitted by the school, immediate application is dealt with study abroad, and application is not had " quality class qualification " the Chinese student of the school, interview must undertake to Beijing after be being admitted, want to pay 5000 yuan of deposit, complex will immediate impact reachs the time lengthen that applies for a process, program recruit students.

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