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British climate

England is a climate the country with gentle, beautiful scenery. Be in spring, summer, autumn, the loop of wintry the four seasons is alternant in, though British temperature is very few,be under 0 10 degrees, but weather change of England is very frequent. Still a moment ago was colourful Yang Gaozhao, the instant can become rain cats and dogs. Be in for this dress respect, the clothings of standing heat preservation is mixed beside the proposal rain gear, at the same time the dress should be worn multilayer, go to the lavatory to be taken off at any time, wear, get used to the change of air temperature.

Note: When England arriving at the beginning of a lot of people, because incommensurate this kind of changeful climate and fall ill. Reasonable clad meeting helps you as soon as possible acclimatization.

British time

GMT is (the abbreviate of Greenwich Mean Time) , chinese cries " Greenwich Mean Time " , the standard time of its since England, also be the reference standard of time of world each district.

The standard time difference of Sino-British two countries is 8 hours, namely the Beijing time of England that compares China local time is late 8 hours.

BST is (the abbreviate of British Summer Time) , namely " make when British summer " faster than GMT a hour, annual from March the bottom begins, end to the end of October. During Xia Shi is made, the time difference of Sino-British two countries is 7 hours.

British food

Whole world of collect of contemporary England cooking of all sorts of cooking gust and tradition become greatly, can offer the cate of a variety of covet making a person.

Come a few years, british food and cooking produced very big change. Eat of Chinese meal, India, Italy eat and French eat and food of tradition of British each district are welcomed euqally, in most city, the Moroccan cafeteria of India, Pakistan and Bengal cafeteria and Lebanon, Persia, Indonesian, Spain, Mexico is contended for strange bottle colourful.

The hospitable tradition with long England greeted the people of world each district not only, also recommended their traditional cooking means, food, condiment and recipe. A fish having flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil that you think of previously and potato place, you can choose food of meal of dish of pasty of Italian cooked wheaten food, Mexico, Spain pork, curry now, take an examination of Sikesi (element food) . British supermarket supplies those who come from world each district inn of Xiaoshang of food of all sorts of vegetable, fruit, flavor, dressing, countless special type sells each country food. People is older and older to the interest of food and cooking. Chef already also became social famous person, among them the cooking program that a lot of people direct him on TV, popularize new cooked food. The festal activity of numerous and different culture and different minority also promoted the popularity of the different cooking style such as such as Caribbean, West Africa.
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