Study abroad does Germany avoid tuition no longer?

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Unavoidable tuition also has an advantage
Speak of to study abroad Germany, the first impression grows with respect to the eductional systme that is it, avoid tuition. Germany is stationed in culture of Shanghai consulate general to teach place Dr. ThomasZimmer to say, study abroad Germany the threshold is very actually high. In the educational system of heart two countries differs somewhat, german university pays attention to the expression after student enter a school very, the choose to the student just also begins after entering university study, wide enter severe the difficulty that give and competition are intense unlike China " the university entrance exam " poor. Because a few student studying abroads arrived after German study,can encounter a lot of problems, accordingly, before set out, you must understand your ability, oneself make a decision and not be by yours the parent helps you decide. One of advantages that study abroad in Germany are to be able to foster the student's real independent spirit. All the time since, because German college relies on a government to allocate funds, all to homeland and foreign student free, the school pays attention to the education of student quality very. But such system of education also encountered a few problems, for instance the student is not cherished in school time, wasted the resource of a lot of schools, government; Of number of student studying abroad increase, those who bring about whole education funds is elevatory etc, these let personage of German all circles realize is moment makes some of change. Among them the biggest change is to be in two years in, germany avoids tuitional system of education to will get adjustment, the school will be right every student, no matter be the tuition with homeland or international student certain collection. Although new law has not been made, but Germany a lot of school spokesmans offer and support this new reform. To Chinese student, study abroad Germany can discharge tuitional appeal will not answer existence, study abroad does Germany still have He You power but character?
Thomas says, german government with a view to did not come, changing policy to foreign language in last few years, undertake ceaselessly in respect of international student policy especially a few adjust necessarily, the outstanding young person that takes a variety of measure to draw a foreign country goes to Germany studying abroad, assiduously study degree for foreign student and young scholar, undertake learning considers to offer more opportunities. In last few years the scale of number of the international student in German university grows stage by stage, the plan achieves the 10 % of student number, make an appointment with 280 thousand person. For this, germany a lot of colleges were made to education outline and curricular setting a few adjust and improve, some major were established use German, English or flower, heart bilingual the international course that give lessons. In addition, assiduously studied degree to also have new approach, can assiduously |study directly by traditional pattern already now " Master " (Diplom, magister) , also can read first in a few colleges by the method of reform new the bachelor that establish (Bachelor) degree, assiduously study a Master then (Master) degree. After obtaining master's degree, still can continue to assiduously study a doctor (Doktor) degree. The collection with true in the future even if is tuitional, also will pass the opportunity of fellowship, the way that improves education quality will pass on at the student, accordingly, study abroad the education that German advantage still will be it.
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