Income of month of Shanghai lawyer average per capita makes an appointment with

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Interview an expert: Zhu Hongchao's lawyer (director of office of attorney of combination of chairman of bar association of vice-chairman of Chinese bar association, Shanghai, Shanghai)

On April 19, a Shanghai will be built for lawyer and attorney office " sincere letter is recorded " the report caused wide attention -- ― from this year the bottom began in June, people aux will be able to investigates the sincere letter condition of office of Shanghai all attorney and lawyer through relevant website. On April 20 afternoon, this print journalist is inside office of Shanghai combination attorney to currently holding the post ofchairman of Shanghai bar association Zhu Hongchao's lawyer is entered
Went exclusive special interview.

The current situation one: Income of month of Shanghai lawyer average per capita makes an appointment with 10 thousand yuan

Zhu Hongchao expresses: "The lawyer is not average person to envisage medium good-paying profession, however the profession of a high investment, high risk, high cost. Hope socially, think youth of travel attorney occupational to have a comprehensive knowledge to lawyer profession especially. Think youth of travel attorney occupational to have a comprehensive knowledge to lawyer profession especially..

He calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: The business of Shanghai lawyer achieved income 2003 is 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion yuan of RMBs, shanghai lawyer total number is close 6000 people, average per capita is achieved receive 240 thousand yuan or so, if deduct 50% to all sorts of includes revenue inside cost of 60% -- the profession that ― lawyer profession is a high cost, criterion income of month of average per capita is 10 thousand yuan about.

Current condition is, the portfolio that one fraction lawyer owns is very large, have so quite the lunar income of partial lawyer under average level, income is not tall. Because lawyer profession is thick the profession that accumulates experience of thin hair, need to accumulate.

The risk that lawyer profession assumes is quite tall. Last month, shanghai was passed strengthen lawyer industry self-discipline, the member inside normative industry hold two files of trade act. According to after editing " punish of member of Shanghai bar association is regular " , will happen like the lawyer henceforth hold course of study liability accident, lawfully or agree of according to contract carries economy to compensate for, if bring about city bar association " lawyer hold industry liability danger is safe " manage compensate happens also will get punish.

The current situation 2: Of the lawyer entering a doorsill is highest

The lawyer is the profession of an inchoate high investment. Zhu Hongchao points out, of the lawyer be in into travel doorsill at present our country is highest in all sorts of professional competence personnel.

According to " lawyer law " regulation, lawyer hold course of study ought to obtain a lawyer qualification and hold industry letter, and the judicatory that unites through the country only takes an exam, ability gains lawyer competence. The basic qualification that enter oneself for an examination is record of formal schooling of university undergraduate course, attorney office still must be in after the exam is eligible jackaroo one year, classics assessment is eligible and rear can declare a lawyer hold industry letter. Judicatory executive authority even according to " lawyer law " concerned regulation undertakes examine and verify, examine and verify is unqualified person must not issue hold industry letter.
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