How to learn legal English?

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About how learning legal English, the foundation of everybody is different, the habit of study is different also, have a " very hard so the method of oily " of 10 thousand essence.

A few here is only individual experience, offer reference:

1. insists to watch the legal news of original, best place is as follows: Http://news.findlaw.com/ , if get online,go to the lavatory, had better go everyday, even if be time,read news headline quite only...

2. insists to use the legal dictionary of original, best is Black of course ' S Law Dictionary, nevertheless, the legal dictionary of these two places is pretty good also: HTtp://dictionary.law.com, http://dictionary.findlaw.com. Of course, the legal dictionary that just began to use original may be a little unaccustomed, from long-term in light of, this dispute often has profit.

3. insists to read the legal book of original, that photo-offset copy that always friend incoming letter asks me legal press how, if borrow to the library,I say to be less than better original book, then this covers a book or worthiness reads, especially among them Torts, contracts, the Law Of Corporations, even a lot of netizens ask I get these a few books electronic text to be put in the net to carry up and down, I say these a few books not expensive, electronic text looks at much wearier look, the netizen is laughing to say, see electronic text have PowerWord, need not consult a dictionary. . . .

4. insists to listen to the legal program of original, cnn and Abc and Bbc have the program that concerns with law every week, these programs also can listen on the net, just want to pass acting server, not bad, this website can visit: Http://www.courttv.com, the program that is here only is done not have textual contrast, sound a little difficult. To audition of English of abecedarian experienced law, I make up that law English phonic tutorial may be a right choice. . . . Went up not to say more in this bit, become advertisement besides, hey.

Still have a few: Insist to analyse the case of original, insist to be written with English read note and diary, insist to think with English, with English and friend, speak with oneself. . . . .

All these, become a word as summary: Build an environment, develop interest.

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