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Legal English is with English common language is a foundation, the language of legal major characteristic is had in what be formed in the activity such as legislation and judicatory and use. Accordingly, not only in legal English have law numerously the special vocabulary of special significance, and the content that because set the people right and voluntary law, law such as law or bond,writ place states must be mixed well and truly, closely, objectively standard, not allow to make the amplify of a bit, inference or express and expressive love, formed a lot of its peculiar syntax characteristics again in legal English consequently, these accidence and syntax characteristic must be taken seriously adequately in translating a process. We use from vocabulary, parts of words below and face of tripartite of sentence pattern structure inspects the style characteristic of legal English:

One, one of style characteristics of legal English: Legal English vocabulary

1.1 law English uses word characteristic: Grave, standard, written language is more

The volition that law is the class that masters national political power, group is reflected, it has bright policy sex, authority. To safeguard earnest sex of law, law, code do one's best of wording and phrasing is accurate, with the word formal, language meaning is precise. Unlike literature work in that way, have euphuism and rich modifier, use an analogy impossibly also, hyperbole and nice Nelly are angry.

(1) : This Law Is Promulgated With The Purpose Of Regulating Insurance Activities, protecting The Legitimate Rights And Interests Of The Parties Involved, strengthening Supervision And Regulation Of The Insurance Industry And Promoting Its Healthy Development.

(For normative insurance activity, protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance activity party, strengthen the supervisory management to insurance, the health of stimulative insurance career develops, make this way) [1]

(2) : This Law Is Formulated For The Purpose Of Standardizing Negotiable Instrument Acts Protecting The Legal Rights Of Parties Concerned In Negotiable Instrument Activities, maintaining The Socialist Market Economy. (For normative note behavior, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the party in bill activity, uphold socioeconomy order, the development of stimulative socialist market economy, formulate this law. ) [2]

Above the Promulgate in two illustrative sentence, formulate, standardize, maintain, the word such as Promote is very formal written words words and phrases, there also is any decorating in two sentences or hyperbole composition. In addition, elephantine In Accordance With, in Consistency With, the very official written statement such as In Compliance With often also appears in legal clause, and these words are in other language region of English is commonly used According To, be Consistent With, the form such as Comply With.

1.2 law English uses word characteristic: Occurrence frequency of Gu Ci and foreign word is tall
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