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Note: This Article Is For Background Purposes Only And Is Not Intended As Legal Advice.

Why Do People Hate To Get Letters From Lawyers? They Carry Bad News. They Mean Serious Business. They ' ' ' ' Re Hard To Understand. They Use Strange Words. They Carry The Inherent Threat Of Suit.

Why Do Lawyers Send Such Letters? They Mean Serious Business, and They Intend To Sue.

But Must They Use Those Ancient, strange Words And Be So Hard To Understand, or Can Lawyers Express Serious Business And Imminent Suit Using Words Everyone Knows?

Whether Writing A Demand Letter To A Contract Breacher, an Advice Letter To A Client, or A Cover Letter To A Court Clerk, the Letter Fails If The Person Receiving It Cannot Understand What It Says.

All Of These Letters Have One Thing In Common: They Are Not Great Literature. They Will Not Be Read In A Hundred Years And Analyzed For Their Wit, charm Or Flowery Words. With Any Luck They Will Be Read Just Once By A Few People, followed Quickly By Their Intended Result, whether That Be Compliance, understanding Or Agreement.

Lawyers Are Letter Factories

Lawyers Write Many, many Letters. An Average For Me Might Be Five Letters A Day. This Includes Advice Letters, cover Letters, demand Letters, all Sorts Of Letters. Some Days Have More, some Have Less, but Five Is A Fairly Conservative Average, I Would Think. Five Letters A Day For Five Days A Week For Fifty Weeks A Year Is 1, 250 Letters A Year. This Is My 25th Year In Practice, so It Is Quite Conceivable That I Have Written 31, 250 Letters So Far.

Why Do Lawyers Write So Many Letters? A Primary Reason Lies Within The Ethics Of Our Profession. Florida Bar Rules Of Professional Conduct Rule 4-1.4 Says:

"A Lawyer Shall Keep A Client Reasonably Informed About The Status Of A Matter And Promptly Comply With Reasonable Requests For Information. "

"A Lawyer Shall Explain A Matter To The Extent Reasonably Necessary To Permit The Client To Make Informed Decisions Regarding The Representation. "

While Clients Can Be Kept Informed And Given Explanations Orally, lawyers Certainly Know The Value Of The Printed Word Over The Spoken Word: It Is Not As Easily Forgotten Or Misunderstood. Letters Also Create A Record Of Advice Given, which Is Useful To Both The Lawyer And The Client. That Is Why Letters Are The Preferred Method Of Keeping Clients Informed And Giving Clients Explanations.

Some Things To Do Before Writing

Before You Start Writing The Letter It Makes Sense To Do Some Preliminary Background Work.

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