The flower interpret of adage of commonly used Chinese

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Skyline why 處 無 fragrant grass.

There Are Other Fish In The Sea.

Stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of the 燒 that do not have bavin.

Where There Is Life, there Is Hope.

Bone of 畫 of 難 of skin of 畫 tiger 畫 , you may know a person's face but not his mind.

It Is Easy To Draw A Tiger's Skin But Difficult To Know Ones ' Heart.

Rich there is 遠 親 in remote mountains, 窮 is in 鬧city 無 close 鄰 .

A Rich Man Who Lives In The Distant Mountain May Have Relatives From Far-away Places. A Poor Man Who Lives In The City May Not Have Friends In The Neighborhood.

Life not 滿 100, 憂 of constant 懷 chiliad.

A Man Does Not Live A Hundred Years, yet He Worries Enough For A Thousand.

Unripe not 帶 來 , absolutely refuse to 帶 goes.

At Birth We Bring Nothing; At Death We Take Away Nothing.

The thing does not forget the 師 of what happened afterwards before.

By Not Forgetting Past Events, we Can Take Them As Guides In Future Events.

One 將 result becomes 萬 character withered.

The Blood Of The Soldiers Makes The Glory Of The General.

Fine character a 3 winters are warm.

A Single Kind Word Keeps One Warm For Three Winters.

The cook a meal of rice of 無 of 為 of 難 of artful daughter-in-law 婦.

Even A Clever Daughter-in-law Finds It Hard To Cook Without Rice.

Limit of 學 sea 無, alone is diligent it is a bank.

Knowledge, like A Sea, is Boundless; Only Through Hard Study Can One Reach The Destination.

學 is good 1000 days of inadequacy, one 時 of 學 壞 has 餘.

To Learn What Is Good, a Thousand Days Are Not Enough; To Learn What Is Evil, an Hour Is Too Long.

開 coils beneficial.

You Cannot Open A Book Without Learning Something.

貫 of lumbar 纏 萬, do not be like thin ability to be in personally.

It Is Better To Learn A Certain Trade Than To Possess A Large Fortune.

Doubt person not is used, mo Yi of choose and employ persons.

Never Employ The Man You Suspect, nor Suspect The Man You Employ.

親 brother bright calculate 帳 .

Even Brothers Keep Careful Accounts.

A man of great wisdom appears slow-witted.

Intelligent Man Looks Dull.

Give 門 to see time; 進 門 watchs 臉 scene.

Look At The Weather When You Step Out; Look At Men's Faces When You Step In.

The person all has cannot bear the person's heart.

All Men Have A Mind Which Cannot Bear To See The Sufferings Of Others.

畫 tiger does not become the dog that turn over 類 .
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