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類 of General (總 )

1) He Who Has Health Has Hope. Stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of the 燒 that do not have bavin

2) Liberty Is The Right To Do Everything Which The Laws Allow.

Freedom is the 範 below legal allow 許 there is 權 to do anything below 圍

3) Two Heads Are Better Than One. 3 個 smelly cobbler, one 個 of 勝 過 諸 Ge Liang

4) Misery Loves Company. (It Never Rains But Pours. ) 禍 not 單 goes

5) It Is Better To Win The Peace And To Lose The War. 寧 願 贏 gets peace and 輸 drops 戰 爭

6) God's Mill Grinds Slow But Sure. . Day 網 extensive, scanty and do not leak

7) It Takes All Sorts To Make A World. 100 種 of 養 of one 種 rice person (mixed person place 組 becomes the world)

8) There Are Two Sides To Every Question.

題 of every 個 問 has view of side of 兩 of positive and negative (fair 說 communal 禮, mother-in-law 說 mother-in-law has 禮)

9) Rome Was Not Built In A Day. 羅 馬 is not one day is caused

10) Self-trust Is The First Secret Of Success. Self-confidence is 訣 of successful the first 祕

11) Every Man Has His Taste. Person each has his likes and dislikes

12) Experience Is The Extract Of Suffering. . 經 驗 takes out 來 by the pure in anguish

13) Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge. Fancy is more important than knowing 識

14) Words Cut More Than Swords. 劍 of Wu Dao of glossal 劍 benefit

15) The Leopard Cannot Change His Spots. / Leopards Cannot Change Their Spots.

Country changes easily, nature 難 moves

16) The Wealth Of The Mind Is The Only True Wealth. The 財 of heart 靈 is rich just be exclusive and true 財 rich

17) Love Makes The World Go Round. 愛 makes world 運 轉

18) Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. Lover eye 裡 gives Xi Shi

19) Love Does Not Consist In Gazing At Each Other But In Looking Together In Same Direction.

. 愛 並 is absent at 對 of each other photograph

20) Failure Is The Mother Of Success. / Failure Teaches Success. Break 敗 to be successful mother

21) Life Is Not Merely Living But Living In Health. . . The life should live not merely, and the health that wants work

22) There Is No Rose Without A Thorn. . . A rose is all aculeate (the life that did not have be perfect in every way)

23) What You Really Value Is What You Miss, not What You Have.

What the person cherishs truly do not get, is not place 擁 some

24) Trust Men And They Will Be True To You. Believe his 們 , 對 of his 們 ability 會 you faithful 誠 (恆 of person of the person that believe a person believes)
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