Translation of the province will have a special talent pool

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Foreign experts to Anhui to negotiate access to a dedicated translation Attracting Talents can also choose from a pool of reporters yesterday from the translation of ... ... Human Resources and Social Department was informed that the province will establish a pool of translation Talent Introduction to encourage all units meet the requirements uniform application of personnel, this report before the end of the work by the end of August. According to reports, warehouse staff for the professional eight English language, and translation work experience more than 5 times; Japanese language at the national level, and there is translation work experience; German, French, Russian, Korean and other languages shall be the major college College degree or above, and the relevant translation experience. Foreign professionals who will review and examine the declared determined after storage, and issue a certificate for the storage personnel, and according to undertake part-time translation in the quality, quantity conditions, the units receiving services from the market by way of payment of the corresponding remuneration.

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