Huang Youyi is elected again for vice-chairman of international interpret couple

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Huang Youyi is elected again for vice-chairman of international interpret couplet Congress of member of international interpret couplet concludes satisfactorily on August 3 afternoon. The election arose new hold appoint. Deputy director general of bureau of Chinese foreign language holds editor in chief, China concurrently to translate association vice-chairman to hold secretary-general concurrently Huang Youyi is elected again for vice-chairman of international interpret couplet. Huang Youyi holds the position of director of international interpret couplet since 2002, was chosen to be vice-chairman of international interpret couplet first on congress of interpreter of the 17th world 2005, it is the interpreter that our country is elected as high level of board of international interpret couplet the first times to lead the home

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Huang Youyi, careful of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, interpret, chinese foreign language publishs career bureau deputy director general to hold interpret of editor in chief, China concurrently assist vice-chairman holds vice-chairman of couplet of interpret of secretary-general, international, whole nation concurrently to translate a qualification (level) set of interpreter of director of exam English committee of experts, whole nation is advanced the post holds a post the qualification evaluates committee chairman, Ministry of Education to translate Master major education coachs. Interpret is written include American literature famous book " conflagration of field of fame and gain " , " Marshall is passed " and " the king that does not have crown " . Main work is what introduce each Chinese respects external is medium interpret flower books, be like " social insurance system of China " , " China adds WTO and economic innovation " , " Xi'an of chiliad ancient capital " , " Chinese Great Wall " , " China travels " , " Chinese jade article " and " annals different chooses Liao Zhai make up " etc. In addition what still completed millions word is medium check and ratify of draft of interpret flower book works. The interpreter work that ever attended party card file and leader talk, chair write " job of Chinese-English external affairs is commonly used vocabulary " . It is now " big China library " a series of books (Chinese-English contrasts) make up appoint conference vice director, " China is translated " subeditor, " English world " the editor is advisory.

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