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In May 2008, sea brightness software (international) group (HiSoft) because its are in,globalization, this locality is changed and translate a domain grow steadily and be in by Common Sense Advisory (the research that globalization, this locality is changed and precedes of interpreter industry and advisory company) chosen 2007 year are large the language serves a provider. Hai Hui is body of ascend of Chinese head home the IT of this international pop chart serves a provider.

The field serves in international language, hai Hui also is banner globalization and this locality change service provider. Begin from 1995, hai Hui already offerred globalization and this locality to change a service to the IT company of the whole world. Hai Hui's globalization and this locality change a service to enclothe the whole lifecycle that software product project serves, include: This locality of UI of software function test, globalization test, software is changed, documentation this locality is changed, multimedia this locality is changed, this locality changes Cheng of chemical industry of test, language test, automation test, this locality processing and desktop composing. Hai Hui owns processing of Cheng of chemical industry of off shore test, this locality and DTP center in Chinese mainland, plus numerous home partner, the bag outside can offerring high-class professional service and low cost for the client serves.

Company general manager Mr Sun Yongji approves times move to what Hai Hui gets gratified, he expresses, this is Chinese software globalization / this locality changes service provider to ascend first personally 25 strong pop chart, it is right Hai Hui comes 13 years in software globalization / this locality changes aspect of the bag outside reaching IT of indefatigable effort approbate, also be the honor that the industry includes outside Chinese IT. Hai Hui will offer high quality globalization and this locality as always to change a service for the client.

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