2008 go to bay study abroad sum fellowship strategy

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2008 go to bay study abroad sum fellowship strategy

In recent years, the fellowship opportunity that Australia offers for Chinese student studying abroad is ceaseless grow in quantity. When Yuan Zhengxiang of chief inspector of area of Hua Dong of Australian education Agency for International Development was accepting a reporter to interview recently, express, australia university will continue to increase fellowship quota of people 2008, increase amount, the Chinese student hopeful that bay of leave for different destinations assiduously studies research master's degree and doctor's degree applies for sum fellowship.

As we have learned, the scholarship that at present Australian university grants China the student basically divides a category:

One, international student fellowship. Issue the student that reads undergraduate course above to application by Australian university, award a student studying abroad only commonly, according to different school courtyard department, major establishs fellowship to reward outstanding preparatory unripe, undergraduate students, Master unripe, doctoral student, division of special dispute business kind professional student.

2, Australian government scholarship. Be like " struggling fellowship of Australian the Yangtse River " etc, application requirement and administrative levels are higher.

3, in bay award fellowship project jointly, namely Australian school and country of Ministry of Education study abroad fund management committee (CSC) cooperative fellowship project. This one project is used " 1 1 " mode, namely Australian university offers the scholarship that is equivalent to tuition, the country studies abroad fund appoint offer back and forth airline ticket and living cost. The Australian college that participates in this one project this year is willing to offer the scholarship of higher number, amount from 10 thousand to 70 thousand bay yuan differ.

2008, ministry of Education plans detail 6000 graduate students go abroad study abroad. Australia teachs Agency for International Development to plan according to select of Ministry of Education, in be being offerred for the student bay issue fellowship project to apply for a service jointly, the application quota of people of 2008 year is 200.

1, the applicant that applies for an object to have record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, staff member of orgnaization of research and development of staff member of research organization of the student that includes to reading Master and doctoral graduate student, country, large company. Applicant has clear research direction or task, can use English compose fellowship and doctor's degree requisition. Application does not include to develop doctoral student project jointly, study time is 3 years.
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