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This locality changes an industry is the industry that provides language and technical service for product globalization enterprise, the internationalization of the product and this locality change the producer style that is globalization product. Enterprise of a few dimensions had begun the internationalization of the product now, the product of internationalization cannot leave this locality to change of course.

On the other hand, more and more home translate a company to try a client to offer this locality of software and website to change a service. But, the current situation that this locality turns an industry how, this locality changes a service to contain what content, this locality changes a project how to undertake, these problems often perplex them.

For this, this station was made hereby " this locality turns industry and business government document (Pdf format downloads) " , content is as follows:

This locality changes an overview
Software internationalization and this locality are changed
This locality changes an industry " biology catenary "
This locality changes an industry buy with live
Famous this locality changed international 2005 20 strong list of company
China: East Asia this locality changes service family status
The current situation that domestic this locality turns is summarized
The development tide that this locality turns
This locality of transition of traditional translation company changes the strategy of the company and analysis
This locality changes the management strategy of the company
With the note that foreign client exchanges
This locality turns the distinction with the interpreter and connection
This locality changes working content and course
This locality changes project frame structure
This locality changes project government technological process
This locality changes a tool to be seen without exception
The interpreter that this locality changes remembers a library (TM) management
The term that this locality changes manages
This locality expends the resource of the industry
This station states:

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