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Product this locality is changed is implementation internationalization is preferential those who solve is important one annulus, this locality of the product is changed is not a procedure of simple language language translation, the demand of the diversity as a result of line of the products and different market each different, need carries out different this locality to change technological process.

The complex rate of current product rises ceaselessly, the addition of market competition pressure, ground of product manufacturer more is the bag outside changing product this locality turn service business to professional this locality, product manufacturer is in charge of plan control and quality inspection only. To product manufacturer, choice this locality changes service business to have inspect an element differently, for example, dimensions, credit, successful experience, flow, quality and productivity. Its midstream Cheng is the mainest index that this locality influences service ability, it and this locality change quality be closely bound up, controlled this locality to change this locality of flow criterion product succeeded half.

This locality changes an industry is the burgeoning industry that is born as internationalization tide, because this industry still is in primary development level, the market lacks the environment of normative maturity, this locality that each this locality changes service provider changes a service flow difference is vast, this appropriate to product manufacturer choice this locality changed service business to increase difficulty. Complex technological process is not best flow certainly, satisfying actual this locality to change the technological process that the project needs is best flow, those who suit is best.

Why it is so important that this locality changes technological process

For the firm that turns to undertaking product this locality first, the important rate that changes technological process possibly to this locality lacks deep understanding, often can have such idea: "It is so important that this locality changes flow to have? I care about this locality to change the time that whether can service business provide in me and budgetary only, change a plan according to product this locality, this locality that refers contented quality turns a product, as to use the detail such as what flow I was not necessary to care. As to use the detail such as what flow I was not necessary to care..

This is a kind of relatively general state of mind, main reason is the course that changes to product this locality and flow do not understand cause. Product this locality changes a course is a complex systematic project, need the personnel of different role to be participated in jointly. For example, product manufacturer, this locality changes coact of the orgnaization of professional check and approve that serves country of business, target and personnel, choose many this locality possibly to turn service business even sometimes.
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