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Become the biggest developing country as China, economic progress of China arouses emerge in large numbers not only more and more indigenous industries, and huge Chinese market also is attracting more and more foreign country companies to enter China ceaselessly, make how old transnational corporation also set a plant in Chinese investment in succession especially. To foreign company, the mainland that if why have sale in China,is faced with changes strategy.

One, foreign company enters China in great quantities

The level that develops external as China is deepened increasingly and fulfill China to add the compliance of World Trade Organization ceaselessly, chinese investment climate is optimized ceaselessly, china's huge home market is attracting more and more abroad companies to enter China. Up to by 2003, there already are many 400 to invest in China in 500 strong companies of world, the center of research and development that its establish in China amounts to 400. And in the past two years, 11 transnational corporation go to area headquarters move Beijing, 25 change go to Shanghai. Through 20 old development, the proportion that enterprise of transnational corporation foreign capital is in China, had achieved very high rate. 1992 is the new start of Chinese reforming and opening, the industrial production value of foreign capital enterprise takes the throughout the country at that time 7. 1 % . Arrived 2002, had achieved 33. 4 % . That is to say, 1 / of Chinese the industrial production value of 3 is creation of foreign capital company [1] . Be loosened of the law that invests to the foreign trader as China, policy further and perfect, the industry that the foreign trader invests, district and freedom are spent will increase further, more and more foreign country companies are to be able to enter China apparently. China turns spring tide in world economy unify in, blend in not only among them, and the huge market that itself has made enterprise of a China and foreign countries be striven for jointly.

2, the account that foreign company mainland changes

Transnational corporation carries out mainland to change manage, have various reasons, but the mainest depend on the following:

1, the pressure of consumer demand. A lot of management domains are had very strong country is fastened or the area is characteristic, they must satisfy the requirement of a variety of consumer, need the strategy that a place changes consequently. Be like the office software of Microsoft, content and function are same, but, want to use native land written language in each countries. A well-known American company ever the experience that continue to use succeeds in the United States, the raw material of the cake that make is promoted in Japan, dollar of result loss millions. The reason is at that time Japanese family and American family have a the biggest differring: Without oven. The failure of this company does not have the demand that considers consumer namely apparently.
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