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The whole nation breaks up lustre qualificatory certificate exam is large and free seminar
Give a lecture: Cao Jianxin: Nanjing university translates professional professor
Feng Jianzhong: Professor
★ theme: Introductory whole nation breaks up lustre professional competence (level) exam policy and professional knowledge
★ time: On March 5 (weekday) afternoon 2: At 0 o'clock
★ place: House of Nanjing university science and technology (hall of first floor report)
★ refers a telephone call: 25 - eighty-three million two hundred and forty-nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-five  
Activity: ○ 1 send 50 yuan of privilege signing up to coil each;
○ 2 enter send the whole nation to translate major to seek advice (level) the exam coachs;
★ sponsors an unit: Nanjing translation translates the school
Bureau of foreign language of China of ministry of national occurrences in human life is exclusive accredit grooms orgnaization
Address: Road of Qingdao of garden of Nanjing university science and technology 32 4 buildings
Phone: 025-83248685 025-83249975
Platform of mobile short message: Deficient?625541608 UniCom: 725541608 small well-informed: 9998841608

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