What interpreter is there to remember CAT software on the market? Respective adv

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The development on international translates memory (the manufacturer of TM) software has a lot of, famouser have Trados, SDLX, dejavu, star, IBM Translation Manager, home has only: Elegant letter CAT. Among them most famous and what use extensively is Trados.

These software basically have the following characteristic:   

Automatic memory is mixed in 1) interpreter process match functional  

Interpreter personnel is in interpreter process, TM can remember the interpreter automatically as a result. When translating reduplicative sentence every time, software can search an interpreter to remember a library, with the interpreter in remembering a library to this unit undertakes contrast and matching, winkle is textual the most adjacent interpreter is unit, give out referenced translation. The user can choose to accept this translation, also can do a few revise, the new translation after revising can stock memorial library automatically, for be being used later. Interpreter memory library stores so each new translation, provide reference for the user at any time. Because professional domain vocabulary is mixed a type is relatively fixed, accumulated when the user after many have the memorial library of certain dimensions, the heavy a sentence of two or more clauses that encounter child the meeting is increasing, interpreter job also becomes easier and easier.   

TM product still supports a network to share memorial library function. That is to say, when much person undertakes an interpreter at the same time, can share an interpreter to remember a library through the local area network. The interpreter remembers a library to be in such ceaseless complement and perfect process, producing bigger and bigger effect.   

2) builds library   automatically

To be before use TM product, had accumulated the user that translates a data in great quantities, TM product can offer one each to use the tool that build a warehouse. This tool can be analysed automatically and match textual with translation, it is an unit with the sentence will textual with translation one to one correspondence. The user finishs a few after adjust and be being proofreaded, this tool can generate the interpreter of a standard automatically to recall library file. All data can pass the user this tool gets reclaiming, build an interpreter efficiently, quickly to remember a library thereby. These libraries are in ceaseless use process, can get complement further and be perfectinged again.   

3) term manages  

TM product still provides a very main function commonly: Term management. To professional technology domain, almost every documentation contains many professional term, the around of term translation is consistent, it is one of corrector serious content from beginning to end. This work take time is arduous, one cannot say for sure still can have careless omission. TM product manages a tool through a term (it is an electronic dictionary) commonly, come standard all term. The user needs only one-time build list of term of one or more standard (term includes in the watch textual with translation) , when use TM system is translated, open the corresponding term list in term government tool, TM can identify automatically there is what word in giving current sentence is the term that already defined, give out term translation of the standard. Although the implementation way that different TM product runs to term has different, but reach the same goal by different routes, final it is to assure the unity of term.   
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