The SDLX of the person that change of market of Chinese CAT software

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The change person of market of Chinese CAT software

In first China that held in November 2004 interpreter achievement is exhibited on, SDLX appearances in Chinese mainland first appear. The media such as Xinhua News Agency and abroad with " company of international translation software grabs beach China market " had a story to this matter for the theme, SDLX makes the attention central point of domestic CAT software. Take the opportunity sincerely, detailed ground introduces the product distinguishing feature of SDLX.
SDLX is the development of SDL (www.sdl.com) of translation software supplier that precedes by the whole world, the interpreter desktop product of SDL and company product satisfied interpreter and this locality to change all sorts of application requirement of the domain, in the whole world 36 countries (area) built many 40 branch, appear on the market in British London stock exchange, the support after the product user that is the whole world by right of firm financial base and powerful company actual strength offers excellent before-sales service and carry out and investment are ensured.
SDLX is thick accumulate thin hair, the strict test that in the group interior passed each branch to be as long as 8 years, improvement, debug, feedback and rich are collected numerous long, be in once Euramerican market is rolled out, equipment is welcome, become the competitor with the most formidable Trados with long history at the same time.
It serves as a CAT (CAT) software, back a variety of file kinds, include RTF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Excel; HTML, XML, SGML and other are based on the file of Web; Framemaker (MIF) , CopyFlow; Trados RTF, STF, TTX; Windows RC file and Java Properties are waited a moment, let translate worker and translation firm to be perplexed by professional file format no longer, enlarged business carry on limits, function of management of interpreter memory library reduced interpreter the workload of counterpoise answer or similar sentence, raised interpreter efficiency and oneness, and reduce the interpreter cost of the company; The project analyses a function to make translate worker and company to master project word number, budget and project plan leisurely; The interpreter previews a function " be seen namely earning " , make translate the result after worker can examine an interpreter at any time; Term library manages a function to help interpreter management vocabulary, ensure the accuracy that chooses a word and oneness. SDLX and congener product photograph are compared, it still has the following and distinctive place:
A. The operation is handy
After average user was buying a product, doubleclick installation to carry out a file, need not configure option, can install SDLX all product component.

User interface is a center with interpreter (SDL also is the translation service supplier with banner whole world at the same time) , unite simply, of SDLX " editor " , " right neat " with TM " safeguard " module uses unified interface, left is source language, right is target language, also can adjust the window that is fluctuation correspondence according to be fond of, quite the habit that source language contrasts when according with interpreter and careful school, and no matter source file is what format, the interpreter is to be in same an interface. To interpreter, should be familiar with only among them an interface, other product component with respect to grasp this one thing and you'll grasp everything.
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