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Breakthrough culture is no-no, do it to the female unexpectedly

On September 7, the armed personnel with a group of unidentified identity is irruptive those who be located in Bagdad downtown " the bridge of Bagdad " agency, the Italian female staff member that kidnapped for humanitarian rescuing orgnaization works two -- , Ximona Pali and Ximona Tuoleida, be kidnapped at the same time still have two Iraqi, among them one factitious female. This kidnaps first time still is in mad tide character in Iraqi.

- is staking element " on the road ace " ?

Iraq was controlled at 5 o'clock 7 days afternoon local time, 20 much a famous player hold Kalashennikefu the armed element of automatic musket and handgun drives 4 cars, forcibly irruptive be located in Bagdad downtown " the bridge of Bagdad " agency. According to eyewitness description, the armed chieftain that hijacks hostage this is a dress very exquisite man, the gimmick that they kidnap is very adept, and the content in be clear that who is their bursa, letting a person look is this on the road " ace " .

Another eyewitness says: "At that time, they develop house in later, with gun intimidate these staff members sit on the ground entirely, be like then mad euqally right our cuff and kick. Make us most feel bloodcurdling is, the hair fiercely that they are arresting that Iraqi woman that is kidnapped actually is gone to the knock on the ground, the deplorable cry of that Iraq woman and the tragic scene at that time let me return one's heart still fluttering with fear now. All of us feels is this to be decided to death. But later, they probably do sth over and over again is tired, the assistant that taking woman of those two Italy and them left.

"When woman of those two Italy goes very quiet, knowing they are aghast still is to had made psychological preparation already. Knowing they are aghast still is to had made psychological preparation already..

- armed element kidnaps the woman pledges first

This is afterwards another Italian after Baerduoni of reporter of the two Italy before week suffers staking in Iraq and be being killed is kidnapped incident.

People minds to staking incident of Iraq did not blame, but this staking incident cannot be mixed absolutely the kidnap previously is the same as day and language. Because this is devotional,Mohammedan armed element kidnaps the woman pledges first. Because kidnap the woman's thing is the culture contraindication that broke through Iraqi religion belief actually, come in the train that so Iraq has the religious cacique of 4 sainted to also join condemnation kidnapper, in including two presbytery among them presbyterial.

Actually, italian information orgnaization is early had issued a warning, iraqi armed element will lock up staking target probably go up in feminine body surely. Still do not understand the reason of this incident happening at present, also claim to be in charge of to this incident without any organizations.

- Italian government defect hostage lair
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