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Translation Industry going out for Chinese thought and culture to better serve

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"To commemorate the 10th anniversary of creation of the National Translation Industry and China out to translate thought and culture seminar," October 26 to 28 held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, the Chinese Foreign Office, the State Press and Publication Administration, the State Council Information Office, China, Editors, Chinese translation editors and other units and the National Research translation, publishing, education experts and scholars from more than 100 people attended the meeting and to conduct nationwide translation industry 10th Anniversary Review and discuss national translation industry long-term development, China's "going out of ideology and culture," the bottleneck problem of translation studies and personnel training outside the Chinese translation of the national strategy for discussion. 10 years ago, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau and the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Science and Technology held in Nanjing, the first national workshop on translation management opened the prelude to the Chinese translation industry standardization. 10 years, this translation team through the difficult path of exploration, the standardization and standardization of the translation has made unremitting efforts for the translation industry as to meet the spiritual needs of people in modern culture industry to make its due contribution. Seminar, the Chinese Society Editor, Publishers Association of China vice chairman, said Mr Gui Xiaofeng, thematic study of Chinese culture, going out in the translation, which is an enhanced influence of Chinese culture at stake, but attention also Relative shortage. He said: "The translation is edited and published editorial work has always been implemented as an important way to cultural services, in modern times, modern, contemporary, have written a colorful chapter. Today, translation editing work in the position of editor than in the past ever more important, because the new international and domestic situation and communication technologies with the new situation, to enhance the international influence of Chinese culture, the task of unprecedented importance that the current translation editing and translation work there are many gaps, far far can not meet the requirements of this task, we must vigorously strengthen, to a new level. " Compile the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Secretary Zhang Weifeng pointed out that with China's national strength and international status of the promotion and strengthening of the right to speak, the more we need to spread our sound to every corner of the world, let the world know to read manner and language understandable to them in the form of loved our culture. Here, the translator plays a vital role. He expressed the hope: "We work together to find of an effort to expand the Chinese translation services industry, well, stronger, so that gradually developed into a knowledge-intensive, into a modern high-tech and absorb the advanced management and modern management methods service industries, and provide quality services to better meet the growing spiritual needs of the people, and published in China 'going out' efforts to improve the process of translation, editing quality. " The State Council Information Office of the Deputy Secretary III, "China Book International Promotion Programme," the Working Group Office, Renwu Wei stressed that China's reform and opening up, expand foreign exchanges and contacts, translation becomes more important and scarce. From the high-level exchange of visits between countries and communication to all levels of the press release; from book publishing, theatrical performances to investment, trade negotiations, translation of the shadow everywhere. She said: "The Chinese culture 'going out', can not do without translation, whether it is 'China Book International Promotion Programme' or 'works translated and published books on Chinese culture', although the results are Chinese books published abroad, but the first program, but also The most important and most critical is the translation process. With a good translation, books published, a major success. Today, foreign publishing agencies in the purchase of book copyright in China after the most hope is to offer books in foreign languages Chinese draft is hoped that the initial phase of translation work done in China. " Director and editor in chief of the Central Compilation and Translation Press, Association of Chinese translation and editing of  that 30 years of reform and opening up, China has gradually become strong, especially the new century, China's only real strong stand on the world stage, it really the right to speak, but the East-West exchange of information is very asymmetric, especially in Chinese thought and culture in the central part, are not recognized by the West. So what the Chinese thought and culture through the exchange of communication, so we gradually understand the West, through understanding, this should be our "going out of Chinese thought and culture," the purpose. He said: "China's publishing 'going out' or Chinese culture, 'going out' the middle there is a basic problem, that is, edit the translation editing issues and copyright issues. How to 'go global' text book of expression in the language more easily accepted by the local reader, how to raise the level of translation is the translation of foreign solve 'going out of ideology and culture' of the key. " Participants said that with China's rapid economic development and international status to improve, more and more by the world's attention. In the international arena, China's cultural industry is imperative to go out. Translators, journalists have to multi-channel approach to the China's cultural products and publications to the world, let the world know more about China, the Chinese, and then like the Chinese, love China. Organised by the Central Compilation and Translation Press, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Translators Association.

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