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National Translation professional qualifications level exam syllabus in Englis

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Syllabus second and third grade English translation fine-tuning module description Questions in the same volume and scores of fine-tuning problems Translation of the second half of the national professional qualification (level) exam in English II and III to fine-tune translation framework module. The adjustment involves only the syllabus in English translation, ie, three translation comprehensive ability test, practice the two subjects, after adjustment, and the total score remains the same kinds of questions, but some question the amount and kinds of questions there is a change score . Comprehensive ability in English Translation II outline, vocabulary and grammar part of the adjusted amount from the original 50 questions into 60 topic questions, divided into a score of 60 points from 25, in which the amount of the first major items of word choice did not change, replace the words and the second term error correction the third largest increase of five questions each. Reading comprehension part of the adjustment reduced the two short, with a corresponding amount from the original 50 questions was reduced to 30, scores decreased from 50 minutes to 30 minutes. Cloze scores decreased after some adjustments, reduced from 25 points to 10 points, questions of reduction from 25 to 20 empty space, in the form, fill in the original words from the candidates from the given options to selected, candidates will be in the ABCD options Ji Duka Tiantu correct option. Adjustment, some vocabulary and grammar scores increased significantly, because the candidates knowledge and ability to translate these close ties are candidates need to master basic skills, and reading comprehension and cloze an objective type questions in two parts, taking into account the translation of the qualifying examinations ability to test the characteristics of these two parts so the lower scores of the subject. Outline of Practice in English Secondary translation adjustment Questions unchanged at Yingyi Han Chinese to English questions and problems, but the two choose a form of cancellation of the evaluation are translated into the assessment will form. Adjustment, Yingyi Han title will give two articles, a total of about 900 words, Chinese to English questions will also be given two articles, a total of 600 words or so, all candidates must be translated title. Two subjects from the original scores accounted for 60,40 minutes, adjusted to account for 50 points. Choose one of the examination form, the candidates have a choice tendency, often choose to translate their good essay, adjustment, both Arts and short listed, will contain different professions, the contents of different disciplines, will be more objective and scientific, translation test also more fair and reasonable. Scores as the adjustment is taken into account the increase in China's soft power, increasingly strong need for a large number of Chinese to English outreach personnel. Outline of English translation adjustments and secondary levels similar. Translation adjustments comprehensive capacity is 60 vocabulary and grammar questions, 30 reading comprehension questions, 20 cloze questions, scores were 60 points, 30 points, 10 points. Outline of practice translation adjustment change assessment methods, but scores are also adjusted for the Yingyi Han Question 50 points, 50 points Chinese to English questions. The fine-tuning to adapt to economic and social development, a more realistic test of the candidates actual translation capability, but the adjusted test Difficult unchanged, but categories and asked the same kinds of questions, although the translation from the November national professional qualification (level ) There are more than one month examination, the candidates are familiar with adjustments in the outline requirements, greater focus on capacity building, particularly basic language skills, background knowledge, and translation skills to master. Of: Lu Min National Translation professional qualifications (level) Expert Committee of English Second half of 2010 exam tips First, please take part throughout the second half of 2010 translation qualifications (level) examination candidates, pay attention to the notice of the region under examination admission ticket to receive the time and manner, in time for print or online registration site to collect admission ticket. Second, the second half of the test of time: November 13: am interpreting the overall capacity of interpreting the afternoon practice. November 14: Integrated translation ability morning, afternoon translation practice. Please bring your ticket and the relevant candidate identification, time to take the test. Third, the practical examination candidates to participate in translation, and can carry two paper dictionaries (foreign, outside the Geyi Ben.) I wish the candidates who successfully pass the exam!

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