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Academic prosperity and interpreter quality become inverse ratio

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After reforming and opening, steep to the interpreter's demand add, far more than is severalfold, a few times! Be in the reader accept everything of thirsty condition for a long time. It is eligible translator not only, eligible editor also demands exceeds supply. Then the turnip does not wash mashed vegetable or fruit quickly, the interpret that 80 time publish the century later on is written rather mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad.

China should be interpreter big country. Know since late Qing Dynasty " scan widely views the world " the scholar begins the work outside interpret interpose region, all previous classics hundred years, and upsurge is not decreased. Blame since 80 time open above century recently, compatriots changes eagerly to foreign language, translate career exceptionally grand occasion, show the sign of billowy, from the amount Yuan Chao spends any historical period. Interpreter composing not only make each important division of big publishing house, and appeared the press that interpret of a certain number of book of the edition outside be engaged in technically upright. The interpreter gets acknowledgement as a knowledge, translate and become " " , have oneself learned society, this kind of circumstance appears on the world a few country such as consist in Japan and our country. After our country adds international copyright law, because need to raise the cost that buys copyright,I ever thought, may affect work of our country foreign country publish. The practice that comes 10 years proves, I am much Lv completely, each press is bought eagerly outside the copyright of edition book, in the ascendant. Look from market rule, because have a reader,be of course. This is good appearance above all, show the mind that compatriots opens, cast off close the country to international communication, the chronic illness of extremely arrogant. But on the other hand, also explain in thought culture domain, the starts a gender formerly work that our country has shock power is less, still lack appeal to homeland and foreign reader. How to analyse to this one phenomenon no matter, our country is interpreter big country, it is the fact that does not dispute.

Of the interpreter for course of study, there is very big difference with the understanding outside course of study inside course of study. In average person, the person that does not know foreign language especially looks, should know foreign language only (no matter degree how) Chinese, taking a dictionary to be able to make do. Alone is adept know its difficult, the translator that knows pair of one renown qualification asks to have many tall----Need the language of perfectness homeland and the other side, be familiar with the special subject of an interpret, catch up with the thinking of former writer and extensive knowledge, etc. On all these, have height even sense of responsibility and the spirit that respect property, do not do the thing of bluff common people. But here has a paradox, the person that has such requirements often wants more oneself are engaged in researching book, and the composing that does not translate other, because be below most circumstance, this is doing work for others with no benefit to oneself after all. Elder Great Master if Yan Fu, Lu Xun, cling to gold be engaged in an interpreter is to be being held in the arms " the fire that steal a day " spirit, it is with this " treat I " (Yan Fuyu) illuminative job. They are created and translate neither by accident, OK be handed down from ancient times. Still having a kind of case is an interpreter itself is professional research, like teach thunder interpret Ba Er plunges into gram and Luo Lan of Luo Man * " * agreement writing overcomes Lisiduofu " , zhu Shenghao interpret Shakespeare, its translation also is become classical. Accede this one tradition, investigator of subsequently major of literature of a batch of foreign countries, its interpreter composing also is the one part of research, and Wei Ran gets married, make a person fix eyes upon with French literature especially. The scholar that the achievement that this kind of literature translates can make our country does not know foreign language is engaged in foreign literature studying major, so that comparative,this major of a lot of universities sets a paragraph of period below the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Although I myself hold reservation opinion all the time to this, but the dimensions that foreign literature interpret writes sees one spot. However, I want to say now, it is a very special appearance that has acid sense quite: After reforming and opening, the prosperity that learning studies and the total constitution that translate composing are measured, formed inverse ratio unexpectedly. This is our country since 1949 peculiar phenomenon. Therein truth and listen to my path to come:
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