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Nobel prize commissioner: The Chinese should not translate native work

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Full head white hair, so white that do not have an impurity, mental Jue bright, walking is strong and vigorous; After thick vitreous lens, have a pair of eyes that wise and farsighted and have a smile on his face. He is having Nordic figure and appearance, can say a fluent Chinese however, include Sichuan dialect even.

He is Yue of horse of commissioner of award of literature of Swedish institute academician, Nobel like that (Professor Goran Malmqvist) .

Recently, during date of fort of elder brother heart visits Guangzhou, ma Yue teachs those who attended to be held in Zhongshan university like that " in Europe culture contact and communication -- commemorate Gaobenhan learns art seminar " .

Yesterday, use the space of the seminar, the reporter has a special report like that to Ma Yue. "It is so important that Nobel literature award is done not have actually " , " the Chinese should not translate Chinese literature work into foreign language, " ... thinking is clear and this learned man of 82 years old is smart, have breathtaking sign repeatedly.

Should not see this award too again

Reporter: "Hopeful of which Chinese writer wins Nobel literature award " , " award of literature of Nobel of Chinese writer distance has many far " , such topic is in China all the time in last few years home is vexed. You how is look upon Chinese right the state of mind of Nobel literature award?

Ma Yue like that: I want to tell Chinese authors, do not see this award too importantly. It is done not have actually so important, it is not " the center of the world " .

We singled out the winner of award of literature of a Nobel, but cannot saying this individual is the best writer on the world. The thing that we just think this person is written is a very good work, such just. There are 500 writers on this world now qualified win Nobel literature award, but can send every year only.

Write down: In globalization today, face different culture, how can the selection of Nobel literature award accomplish justice?

: This is impossible. The standard is very slashing, demand of work literature value is very high. Fairness is a very good sense only.

Very much person lets me help its get nobel prize

Write down: Although you emphasize this reward again and again not be so important. But in fact, writer of a few China still very care.

: I every month can receive 15 letters at least now, send plan to me, want me to translate book draft into Swedish article, publish, get award of a Nobel literature to them...

(Do then you help them? ) do not have of course! Because of my interpreter is myself,be interested, the work that oneself like.

Write down: Have a kind of view, an obstacle of world of Chinese writer strike is the interpreter home that has lacked. How do you look?
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