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From " breath out 3 " the fall that retranslate sees interpreter level

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People literature press wants retranslate " the convict that haing Li Bote and A Ci block a class " (namely " ha 3 " ) , and will roll out complete set at the same time " haing Li Bote " the revision of Chinese edition.

" breath out 3 " why to want retranslate? The reason of the press is, press and the contract that former translator Zheng needs cover had expired. But the reader thinks, " breath out 3 " interpreter quality is " haing Li Bote " a doubt of the experience in 7 work is most, retranslate is meant before various cannon, the press must examine this work afresh. As to roll out complete set revision, the press states the mistake on a lot of interpreters will be corrected at the appointed time.

After all, " haing Li Bote " existence is on the interpreter of a lot of mistakes. For instance, just publish " ha 7 " have a lot of hard injuries. A professor of elder foreign language points out, in the title " Deathly " what point to apparently is Azrael this individual, the interpreter is become " death " it is incorrect, correct should be " the holy content of Azrael " ; Still have the translation that is oppugned by the netizen in appear twice " you have ability too " .

" haing Li Bote " put in a lot of mistakes on the interpreter, this is extremely normal. Because the press is in to strive for publish for a short while, earn some of money more, copy the book of hundred thousands of word, look for person interpret hastily, translator came out a few days in a hurry with respect to interpret. After adding interpret to be over, publish hastily, the level that still has translator is debatable also, resemble making mistake so that ability is blamed.
Can say, translate kind of books to make mistake now this is a very common phenomenon. Although interpret bound and expert take interpreter quality seriously in the appeal all the time, raise interpreter level, although critical sound is ceaseless, but interpret fault, translation not express the idea even the phenomenon of the incongruous still exists generally.

The phenomenon with high rate of interpreter work accident is couldn't get from beginning to end correct, primary reason is going after economic benefits one-sidedly at the press, abandon the result of social responsibility. To make money, the press gains profit to be in the market with intense competition, brash to publishing heat organization is translated, brash publish. To make money, a few presses have without giving thought to now without the interpreter personnel, have the capacity that stalks of grain without authorized interpret, dare organize interpreter work to publish. To make money, a few presses carry out a country not strictly to concern the provision of publication management. Well-known, system of books quality safeguard has strict operating sequence and quality to guard a pass to publication content requirement, for instance 3 careful system. But these stipulate where is fulfilled with the system to but these stipulate where is fulfilled with the system,reach the designated position? Some press interpret draft came out to presswork with respect to direct consign. Every this a variety of, how doesn't interpreter books make mistake, how pretty good by accident 100, how be troubled by piece will " Mosuolini " is interpret become " Sidalin " such jest?
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