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" haing Li Bote 7 " Chinese edition interpreter is pointed to too China is chang

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Legal evening paper reported on November 4 " haing Li Bote and dead emperor implement " (abbreviation " ha 7 " ) Chinese edition appears on the market already a week, with a ha confuse hard injury of the discovery after reading a book and unreasonable place enthusiasticly, collective begins to be stuck on the net hair post, find fault for Chinese edition.

The reporter discovers on the net this morning, to " ha 7 " find fault the card is clicked and rate of a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is very high.

The interpreter has hurt forcedly
A netizen as English teacher says, he looked " ha 7 " hind think, in the title " Deathly " what point to apparently is Azrael this individual, the interpreter is become " death " it is incorrect, accordingly, "Dead emperor implement " correct translation is " the holy content of Azrael " .

Oppugn 2
Artistic conception does not have original good
In Baidu " haing Li Bote " inside, have with a ha confuse say, what Chinese edition has interpret of a lot of places is very coarse, do not look to give the artistic concept of original.
"In English original ' Elder Wand ' metaphrase is ' old magic wand ' feeling at odds, and ' Res-urrection Stone ' the interpreter is become ' renascent stone ' very common, and what the most stirring finally big decisive battle also behaves without English edition is good. The sensation that I see English edition can see does not come out in the expression in Chinese. " the netizen sends post say.

Oppugn 3
Interpreter self-contradictory
Also have with a ha confuse discovery people literature press has self-contradictory case when translate, be like " ha 7 " the first Professor Bubaji of Zhang Li should translate Professor Cheng Baibi strange, because " Burbage is taught " this appellation is translator before some year in " ha 5 " , " ha 6 " in oneself ever translated those who had used.

Oppugn 4
"You have ability too " too China is changed
And discuss the most enthusiastic still is translation in appear twice " you have ability too " , if be in " breath out 7 " 311 pages, luo En praises He Min first: "You have ability too. " and the reciprocal in the 458th page the 4th, halley says to Luo En again: "You have ability too! "
With a ha confuse not less think, this word breaks up into contemporary catchword of China, can add humorous color, but translator was joined too much oneself thing, too China is changed, make the reader does not read the taste that gives original at all.

Press response
Will check wrong
Next year second half of the year gives revision
Translate a problem, the reporter was contacted this morning publish press of honest people literature, publish just weigh even if " ha 7 " have a mistake, also did not exceed extremely one of wrong rate level.
Sun Shunlin of head of department of humanitarian company sale tells a reporter to say: "We can be checked, once really wrong, can correct in revised edition. "
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