Absolutely English is translated

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Absolutely English is translated

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Everything of   of Not of   of Money   Is. There ' Visa of   of & of   of S   Mastercard.

Money is not all-purpose, still need credit card sometimes.

Animals of   of   Love of One   Should. Tasty of   of So of   of They   Are.

Everybody should have deep love for an animal, because they are very good,eat.

  of Love   The Neighbor. But   Don ' Caught of   of T   Get.

Want to love your neighbour attentively, do not let her husband know nevertheless.

Man of   of Successful of   of Behind   Every, woman of   of A of   of There   Is. Man of   of Unsuccessful of   of   Every of And   Behind, two of   of There   Are.

The backside of every successful man has a woman, the backside of every not successful man has two women.

  Marry of Should of   of Every   Man. After   All, life of   of In of   of Thing of   of Only of   of The of   of Not of   of Happiness   Is.

Again happy bachelor also can marry sooner or later, happiness is not permanent.

Marry of   of Never of   of The   Wise,   Otherwise of Become of   of They of   of Marry of   of They of   of And   When.

Clever person is maiden, marrier is very difficult again clever rise.

Term of Relative   of   of A of   of Success   Is. Relatives of   of Many of   of So of It   Brings   .

The success is a relevant noun, he can bring relation of a lot of irrelvant to you (connection) .

Today of   of Off of   of Put of   of Can of   of You of   of What of Tomorrow   of   of Till of   of Work of   of The of   of Off of   of Never   Put.

Do not wait to will be not handed in tomorrow on difference looks for excuse again, be about to had searched today.

Photogenic of   of Love   Is. Develop of   of To of Darkness   of   of It   Needs.

Love is just like a photograph, need many darkroom time to foster.

Accidents of   of Cause of   of Backseats of   of Children   In.   of Cause of   of Backseats of   of Accidents   In Children.

The child on back row seat can give birth to an accident, the unexpected meeting on back row seat gives birth to a child.

"Dreams of   of Your of   of On of   of   Depends of Your   Future. "Dreams of   of Your of   of On of   of   Depends of Your   Future.. Sleep of   of To of   of Go of  O   .

"Present dream is deciding you in the future " , still sleep a little while again so.

Morning of   of Every of   of Up of Waking   of   of Than of   of Day of   of A of   of Start of   of To of   of   Way of Better of   of A of   of Be of There   Should   .

The way with should have better begins new a day, is not machine-made awake morning in every.
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